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Step by step guide on FreshBooks integration

Use the 123FormBuilder – FreshBooks integration to create invoices or estimates in your FreshBooks account upon form submissions.

It’s required that you associate form fields with First Name, Last Name and Email in the merchant lightbox. Therefore, add the fields Name and Email to your order form. Set them as required and go to the SettingsPayments section of your form to enable the FreshBooks payment integration.

Assign prices and pricing formulas before integrating your order form with FreshBooks.

Under Payment Processors, select FreshBooks from the Payment gateway dropdown and hit Add payment gateway. Next, provide the necessary credentials of your FreshBooks account,as follows:
1. Add the URL of your FreshBooks account, followed by the expression api/2.1/xml-in (e.g. https://www.youraccount.freshbook.com/api/2.1/xml-in).

2. Provide the Token key of your account. To access your Token, log into your FreshBooks account, and go to the My AccountFreshBooks API section. Copy the code from Authentication Token and paste in the FreshBooks merchant box back on 123FormBuilder. Click on Customize to continue.

freshbooks integration

Another way to connect the application to your FreshBooks account, especially if you are already logged in FreshBooks in the same browser, is by using the OAuth option by clicking the checkbox.

connect web forms to freshbooks account via oauth

Next, press the button + Connect to FreshBooks and you will be redirected to FreshBooks to authorize the application.

In the Customize lightbox, under Client Information, match the required fields and any other fields you need. Check the Update Client if Email already exist option if you want to update invoices/estimates that contain the same email address. Finally, set up the status, add notes and terms.
freshbooks integration
The Error Handling section saves by default the email address associated to the 123FormBuilder account, so that errors regarding bad network connection between the order form and your form user will be sent directly to your inbox. You can change the email address at any time in this section.
Before leaving the Payments section, select Enable on the top-right corner of the FreshBooks integration box and make sure you save all changes in this section.
Important: Whatever the currency you’ve set up in the Payment Processors panel, it must be equivalent to your settings in your FreshBooks account, as the integration doesn’t change currencies.

Interested in a free 30-day FreshBooks trial? Then click the image below to get started.

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