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Can I integrate my order form with Authorize.net?

Yes, you can. 123FormBuilder is an Authorize.net certified solution. This means you can trust our services when receiving money in your Authorize.net account from your clients through form submissions.

To integrate your online order form with your Authorize.net payment gateway, go to SettingsPayments, in the Payment Processors section, select Authorize.net from Payment gateway and hit Add payment gateway to enable the integration with this payment processor. Three new fields will pop up in a box below: API Login ID, Transaction Key and MD5 Hash. Type in your Authorize.net information, enable the processor on the top right corner of the box and click Save.

authorize.net for ></p>
<p>Tick the option <b>Create a Customer Information Profile (CIM)</b> if you want to save client profiles in your Authorize.net account based on the submitted credit card number from the first purchase. When a form user submits an order for the first time, a profile will be created in Authorize.net with the payment and shipping information. The shipping information may be changed each time the form user submits another order on your form.   </p>
<p>To retrieve either one of your authentication data, follow the steps below:</p>
<p>1. Log in to your Authorize.net account.</p>
<p style=Authorize.net

2. In AccountSecurity Settings, click on the MD5 Hash link and type in any code, which will be used to for the 123FormBuilder – Authorize.net integration. Just don’t forget the code you have submitted in this section.

Authorize.net Settings

3. Return to the AccountSecurity Settings section and go to API Login ID and Transaction Key. Here, you can copy the Login ID and Transaction Key that you require back in 123FormBuilder.

Authorize.net Security


    1. Hi Camelia!

      If you go to Form Settings –> Notifications, scroll down till you see the option “Attach submission as a PDF to the notification email.”

      This will send a PDF along with every new submission.

  1. I am having problems with my existing shopping cart and I would like to create a shopping cart using 123forms, I have authorize.net account.

    Do you have any templates available? or Will be easy to create one?

    1. Hello Alex!

      We do not offer shopping carts on 123FormBuilder, but we do offer the possibility to integrate merchant gateways such as Authorize.net to your online order forms. It’s quite simple: you create your order form (customize it as you want), you assign the prices and other payment settings, and integrate it with a payment gateway that we offer. You enter your merchant account information for the two apps to sync so that each submission will create a transaction in your Authorize.net account.

      Payments are available for Platinum plans or higher. See our features matrix for more information about each plan.

      Contact our support specialists at support@123formbuilder.com or via our contact form if you require more details or need assistance.


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