Creating a multilingual form is easy with the 123FormBuilder web form builder, that supports multiple languages. These can be set up in your SettingsTranslations section. This feature greatly enhances form usability as it helps you address users of different languages at the same time. The dropdown list containing languages shows up in the top-right corner of your form. Multi-language forms can be set up very easily and intuitively.

Translations are available on the Basic plan , but to use multiple languages on your forms, you’ll need to upgrade.

Once you have added a language to your form, you’ll need to type in the translations in the Customize language lightbox. To customize a language, hover over its line and press the Customize button.

Some languages, such as German, Dutch or Spanish have built-in translations, but the majority do not. Each time you add a language, use the Customize button to translate the fields and the messages that appear on the form.

You can also customize your translations with HTML coding to change the style of the text from your web form. Read more on how to create multiple language forms.

Multiple Languages


  1. Dena A ASfoor says:

    Can you add Arabic to the languages supported?

    • vlad says:


      Note that we have the Arabic language available in the Translations section.

      You can add it to your form and click on the Customize button in order to translatie the fields in the right side boxes.

      For any further assistance, please do not hesitate to email our Support team at, or, through our contact form.


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