Multiple language forms

Multiple language forms

When you access the Translations section for the first time, you are invited to select the default language. The words that you used within field labels when building your form in the Form Editor are the starting point for all future translations for a particular form, i.e. they are considered default.

After you’ve selected the default language, two buttons show up: Add Language and Import Languages. The former is used to create the set of translations pertaining to a new language. The latter is useful if you’ve already set up a multi-language form from where you can import translations.

Important: Copy the tags of the messages that appear on the left in case you want to keep the same structure (e.g. %s is used for links).

translate form messages with links

You can set up certain conditions in Form Rules that will redirect users to a webpage based on the language they have selected on the form.

Don’t forget to tick the option Show multi-language selection on form, otherwise form visitors will not be able to switch between languages on the form.

Multiple language form


  1. Yves says:

    If I use wix multi-language, does the form follow the choice on the page or do people filling this form need to choose it again?

    • vlad says:

      Hello Yves.

      As the form does not directly communicate with your WIX page, the language option of on the form needs to be selected separately from the site language option.

      For any further questions you might have, please contact our Support team at, or, via our contact form.


  2. Robin says:

    je parle seulement le français et votre outil de sondage de formulaire n’est pas en français


    • Manu says:


      If you’d like your forms to be in French, simply go to Form Settings –> Translations.

      There you will be able to add French as your default language.

  3. Jannick says:

    When I upgrade, can I juse Dutch?

    Thank you


  4. Alon says:


    This site is a part of the presentation for a final project in a course I’m taking and I need to use the form for the demonstration -> I’ll not use the email/password fields.
    Please free the freeze on the account.


  5. Naama says:

    I need I RTL contact form. Do you have Hebrew in the languages and is it RTL?

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