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What types of character encoding does 123FormBuilder provide?

In your 123FormBuilder form builder account, you can select from a variety of character encoding types for your online forms and email messages. To change the character encoding type for your form, go to Form EditorForm LayoutForm Encoding. The types of character encoding that we provide are as follows:

form encoding

  • ISO 8859-1 Western Europe
  • ISO 8859-2 Western and Central Europe
  • ISO 8859-3 Western Europe and South European
  • ISO 8859-4 Western Europe and Baltic countries
  • ISO 8859-5 Cyrillic alphabet
  • ISO 8859-6 Arabic
  • ISO 8859-7
  • ISO 8859-8 Hebrew
  • ISO 8859-9 Western Europe with amended Turkish character set
  • ISO 8859-10 Western Europe with rationalised character set for Nordic languages
  • ISO 8859-11 Thai
  • ISO 8859-13 Baltic languages plus Polish
  • ISO 8859-14 Celtic languages
  • ISO 8859-15 Added the Euro sign and other rationalisations to ISO 8859-1
  • ISO 8859-16 Central European languages
  • Windows 1250 Central European and Eastern European
  • Windows 1255 Hebrew
  • UTF-8 Traditional Chinese
  • UTF-8 Simplified Chinese
  • UTF-8 Japanese
  • UTF-8 Korean
  • UTF-8

Note: You can select only one character encoding system per form. Also, use Direction in the Form Layout to change the text direction from right to left if needed.


  1. Hi
    I’m using the 123Form Builder in my site and it works fine except for one thing: in spite I’ve defined all forms to use “ISO 8859-3 Western Europe and South European” encoding, I receive all emails from 123Form Builder with accented characters all missed up! The same happens if I make a CSV export of the submissions.
    What should I do to have correct characters in these situations?
    Thx in advance.

    My best rgds

    Paulo Neves

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