Customize template

This agricultural tax exemption form is fully customizable. All you need to do is take it into your 123FormBuilder account, review it, and add or remove form elements as needed. And you don’t need to possess any programming skills, of course. Just make use of the drag and drop tool to create a personalized tax exemption form. Afterward, you can give the form a new look by applying one of our available design themes. Furthermore, configure custom autoresponders and multiple email recipients to share the submissions with.

Publish template

Make it easy for applicants everywhere to submit their agricultural tax exemption requests. You can share your form on a webpage, with the embed option. Or send out the form link in an email. Another option is to post it on a platform of your choice. And people will easily fill the form from just about anywhere, due to its mobile responsiveness.

Collect & manage data

Agricultural tax exemption applications are gathered over a secure SSL connection and live in a dedicated database that accompanies our form. Each piece of information is easily manageable from your 123FormBuilder dashboard. But we also provide you with the option to export the form submissions as Excel, CSV or PDF. Also, for an even better tax exemption application management, we’ve included in our product many other web apps that you can integrate your form with.

Optimize processes

Going paperless has never been easier in administrative tasks such as agricultural tax exemption requests. Web forms send you real-time alerts whenever submissions come in and remove the risks of error. As a result, a more timely tax exemption approval is more likely.

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