Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use this Information Request form?

Anyone who works with customers, students, or employees can use this information request form and adjust it using the 123FormBuilder platform. Our online form builder generates various publishing options for the request form, so you will be able to embed it on a website or share its link in an email.

What are the key features of this template?

123FormBuilder’s information request form template contains email validation, mobile responsiveness, required fields, customizable design, spam protection, email notifications, and a thank-you message. You will find more features in our free online form builder.

How can you use this form?

You can use this information request form in two ways: you can either have respondents ask you for information or request your respondents to provide theirs. Whatever you choose, 123FormBuilder helps you secure the data you collect and gives you a simple way to keep track of requests.

What is an Information Request form?

An information request form is a document that helps ask for information about a person or organization or helps collect information like contact details from a person or organization.

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