Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create an audit report?

A useful audit report should only communicate what the reader needs to know, keeping it clear and simple. By reviewing the data you collected with the audit form, you can come to a conclusion about your audit and report it by touching the following points:
– Mention the scope of the audit and the areas audited.
– Reveal your findings, observations, and the results
– Propose an action plan or recommendations

What is the purpose of an audit form / checklist?

An audit form/ checklist ensures that the audit is conducted in an organized and systematic way. It helps plan the audit and thoroughly analyze if certain measures or numbers match or are compliant with certain regulations, policies and standards.

Customize template

This supremely flexible form lets you design your own form to generate an audit report. Drag and drop the fields you need, including advanced fields such as file uploads, Likert scales, images and signatures. Because you can set multiple recipients to receive submission notifications, you can keep every audit committee member up to date.

Publish template

Whether your form is for an internal audit or an external audit, you can easily publish your form to a website or intranet or copy/paste a link into an email. Its mobile responsive design is frustration-free on notebook computers, desktop PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Collect & manage data

Form results are stored in a secure database accessible from your private dashboard. Built-in analytics report your financial audit data or metrics from other types of audit. You can export the results to Excel, CSV, or PDF files or painlessly integrate with apps such as FreshBooks or Smartsheet.

Optimize processes

This audit form makes a valuable addition to your internal control framework. Great for a variety of objectives of auditing and with the ability to notify multiple team members, this form facilitates timely communication critical to the quality of the audit process.

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