Frequently Asked Questions

When do I ask my landlord for repairs?

If you have a problem that can’t be fixed on your own or would require a professional to fix it, then you should write a maintenance request. This will help you from making the problem worse or becoming liable for any damage.

What are the best practices for tenants?

It is best practice to document all communications you do with your landlord. Keeping good documentation can save you from a lot of trouble during and after your tenancy.

Customize template

Updating your building maintenance procedures? Start with this tenant repair request form template. No tech skills needed—just drag and drop any parts of the form you wish to add or remove. Choose from text fields, dropdowns, checkboxes, image uploads and more. Moreover, you can adjust the fonts and colors and add other company branding such as a logo. Finally, configure notifications to go straight to the individuals who will perform the repairs.

Publish template

Your tenant repair request form is move-in ready! To add to your website, simply copy and paste the embed snippet into any page. No website? The form is its own webpage which you can instantly share via email or on social media and features a responsive design that adapts for easy use on mobile devices.

Collect & manage data

Your online tenant repair request form is much more than an instant, paperless way to receive maintenance reports. This and any form in your 123FormBuilder account is attached to a secure, dedicated database that organizes all submissions. You can easily look up requests in your account, which is probably much easier than searching your email! Additionally, 123 Form Buider can feed into a variety of other apps, including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote.

Optimize processes

If you are renting out any number of housing or office units, it can be difficult to track all the maintenance requests. In particular, if the tenant reports the issue over the phone or on paper, it quickly gets difficult to track the timing of the request and assign its rightful spot in the queue. When you move your tenant repair request form to the web, you and your staff will automatically have an organized to-do list. In turn, your tenant will receive a record of the repair request from your autoresponder, which will discourage duplicate maintenance requests.

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