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What is a satisfaction survey?

A satisfaction survey measures the level of happiness your audience has towards your subject, business, organization, work performance, etc. There are customer satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, student satisfaction surveys, and the list goes on. At 123FormBuilder, we’ve compiled a collection of the most popular types of satisfaction surveys that you can copy, customize, and share with the help of our survey maker tool.

How do you create a satisfaction survey?

To create a satisfaction survey:

  1. Create an account on 123FormBuilder.
  2. Select the template you like from our satisfaction surveys collection or create your survey by scratch using our drag-and-drop and features-rich online survey tool.
  3. Once you’re done tweaking your survey, publish it with copy-paste using any of our various publishing options.

How do you measure satisfaction?

To measure satisfaction, use Likert scales that help rank items on a predefined scale and aggregate the responses into real-time charts that our survey tool generates on the spot. The net promoter score is another popular tool that business use although the NPS has it’s disadvantages in some cases. Another option is to add rating stars (1 to 5 or 1 to 10) to your form or questionnaire that you will find in our drag-and-drop software.