Frequently Asked Questions

What should a waiver include?

A waiver is not complete until it includes the signatures of both the event host and business owner and that of the participant. The date should also be included alongside the signatures. You may also include a signature line for a witness if necessary.

How do I write a waiver form?

When writing a sports waiver form, make sure that all legally mandated clauses are present. This includes making sure that your sports liability waiver is clearly marked with a title like “release of liability” or “waiver of liability”. The text of the waiver must be simple and easy to read. There should be a clear description of the activity, as well as the assumed risks that the signee is undertaking. By signing the waiver, the signee acknowledges that they are aware of the risks, and agree not to hold the institution liable for the consequences that may occur if they participate in the activity.

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