Frequently Asked Questions

What is a donation request form?

A donation request form is an online form used by NGOs or charities to support collecting and processing information and payments from those willing to contribute to a cause.

Why use a donation request form?

Donation request forms are essential for all organizations that are expecting or asking for donations in the digital age. They enable you to organize and focus on value-adding activities without the burden of keeping track of all your paper documents. They’re also easy to create and use, enabling you to reach a greater audience.

Customize template

Engage your NPO into fundraising with this very friendly donation request form sample that you can easily personalize to fit your campaign. Edit the introductory text by clicking on it and describe your organization and its humanitarian accomplishments. Drag and drop additional fields, upload your logo, change the form design, and establish multiple email recipients.

Publish template

With our form builder tool, your non-profit organization can place requests for donations anywhere online. Simply copy the form code to embed it on a page on your website. Or choose from our popup lightboxes to make your form stand out. Share the form URL on social media pages designed for charitable purposes. Also, you can send it via your email list of potential donors – individuals or other organizations.

Collect & manage data

The process of raising funds can be significantly simplified with online forms. Our request form template for donations has a secured database attached, where you can easily update entries or follow up on previously made requests. Exporting and syncing your form data on a computer is available in multiple formats and applications.

Optimize processes

No more paper trails or endless telephone calls! Our platform provides the option of being instantly alerted by email or SMS when potential sponsors fill out your donation request form. Improve data collection and management with web forms that are easy to customize and publish, while also generating qualitative reports.

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