Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a good sales feedback form?

To create a good sales feedback form, you need a tool that gives you the flexibility to structure it according to your requirements. Use the sales feedback form template from 123FormBuilder to make the form interactive and easy to use for the customer. Add conditional logic to open questions relevant to the client’s experience and close those that don’t apply. Keeping it short and clear will increase the chances of receiving more answers.

What questions should I ask in a sales feedback form?

Use a mix of open-ended questions, a rating system, or multiple-choice questions to cover a wide range of feedback types from your customers. Start with your company’s success criteria to define the form’s questions. Ask your customers about their interaction with the sales agent, if they enjoyed it, if this was the right communication channel, if the agent was empathetic, if they received all the information they needed, and so on.

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