Customize template

Take this template as the starting point for revealing how your church is perceived by parishioners. 123FormBuilder lets you easily create and customize church evaluation questionnaires in any way imaginable. For example, drag and drop a Likert scale field to your questionnaire for a more refined rating system. Remove or add fields as necessary, change the form layout with one of our themes, establish who will receive survey responses, and more. Of course, everything is accessible through an intuitive and friendly interface, no need for web designers or developers.

Publish template

If you know how to copy & paste, you know how to publish your church evaluation questionnaire on a web page. You can also share the link via email or the web platform of your choosing. And the evaluation questionnaire is mobile optimized, so your church members can answer from just about anywhere.

Collect & manage data

Collecting and analyzing feedback is just a few clicks away. As church ratings come in, our platform stores them safely, turning evaluations into meaningful reports. Manage data entries online or export them as Excel, CSV or PDF files. Another option is to feed evaluation responses into integrated apps. For instance, Smartsheet, Google Drive or Evernote.

Optimize processes

Find out what you parishioners appreciate about your church and discover the areas that need further improvement. As a result, you’ll be able to conceive a strategy to meet expectations and inspire other church members. Moving your church evaluation process on the web minimizes privacy risks and lets you define multiple recipients to be notified instantly after each review is submitted.

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