Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ask for hotel feedback?

Sending your guests a hotel feedback form is one of the most convenient and effective ways to learn about their experience. Make a list of the key points you want feedback on and leave a comment area to encourage them to share their impression about your hotel and the quality of your services. Keep it short and ask them shortly after their stay.

How do you respond to a hotel review?

Start by thanking your guests for taking the time to share their feedback. If the review is negative, address the issues they’re mentioning and commit to solving them with empathy and kindness. If the feedback is positive, make them feel special and invite them to join you in the future.

Customize template

Are guests pleased with your hotel or motel? Find out by creating an online survey with this free hotel feedback form template. Naturally, you can adapt the form and its design any way you see fit — no coding required. To explain, the drag and drop interface provides a wide variety of input types, including Likert scales, dropdowns and text fields. Finally, be sure to set up custom notifications so that the members of the management team can each receive valuable customer feedback.

Publish template

Share your hotel feedback form anywhere online. Drop it right into a web page’s code or have it pop up in a lightbox. Either way, it’s just a simple copy and paste. If you’re also sharing the hotel reviews form link by email or social media, you’ll find shortcut buttons right in the publish menu. And the form looks great in all online settings — desktop and mobile — thanks to its responsive layout.

Collect & manage data

All results from the hotel feedback form are archived in our form builder’s secure database – where you have full access. Hotel guest reviews are convenient to access from your personal dashboard. Alternatively, you can generate charts and graphs or export them to Excel, CSV, and PDF. Absorb guest feedback surveys into your workflow by integrating them into your marketing and CRM tools like Unbounce, Constant Contact, or Salesforce.

Optimize processes

An online form can be a significant first step toward a big upgrade to your hotel, B&B, motel, or hostel. Unlike a paper form, our web-based hotel feedback form compiles all reviews in one place so you can quickly see if the same strengths or issues are coming up frequently. If you’ve set up custom notifications — especially with conditional logic — specific departments (e.g., housekeeping, dining, spa) can be informed automatically whenever a guest has strong positive or negative feedback for their area.

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