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123FormBuilder is really great. The interface is very good. Setting up a form takes seconds.

Neil Leydon
Head @


submissions in one day

Favorite Feature

Full GDPR compliance


submissions in one day

Favorite Feature

Full GDPR compliance

When Neil Leyden joined RTE back in 2016, the national broadcaster’s website was run on three different Content Management Systems, by lots of different people, who had ownership over different parts of the website. On top of everything, they were also using a variety of different  apps and tools on the website.

Not what you would expect from the 10th most visited website in all of Ireland.

Clearly, RTE (and therefore Neil) needed to unify everything — and that’s where 123FormBuilder became part of RTE’s consolidation process. 

Why exactly did RTE, the largest entertainment company in Ireland, choose 123FormBuilder? Neil puts it down to a few factors. 

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Secure Data Collection

One of the main reasons RTE needed to overhaul its website and the apps behind it (aside from the headache all those CMSs) was GDPR. When the new regulations kicked in, RTE found themselves in the position of having to re-evaluate a long list of tools they were using, precisely because they were not compliant with the new norms for data collection and data protection. 

In short, 123FormBuilder offered RTE everything they needed for GDPR. 

To begin with, 123FormBuilder comes with two-factor authentication, an essential step in ensuring the security of all information collected through the forms and surveys. 

Even more, 123FormBuilder is GDPR-compliant on every vertical, including how data is stored. As per the General Data Protection Regulation, all information should be stored on EU territory — and through our Amazon AWS servers, we make sure our customers have access to this much-needed feature. 

Building Forms Fast and Easy

RTE needed a form builder everyone in the company could use. With 123FormBuilder those who have standard users access  can create a form or a quiz and that’s mostly because you only need to know how to use a mouse and a keyboard to create forms that tick the boxes you need. All of Neil’s colleagues are really good with both keyboards and mice.

The 123FormBuilder enables everyone to create the forms they need in literally minutes. You only have to drag and drop fields, adjust them as you need, and maybe set up some conditional logic or an email notification system — and that’s one of the things RTE really liked about us. 

We had more than 100,000 form submissions in a day last Christmas when we ran The Late Late Show, and the builder survived successfully through what may be one of the biggest events RTE plans every year.

Upload large files

Not only did 123FormBuilder enable RTE to create forms, but also it makes it super simple for respondents to upload large files (up to 150mb), say like a video of you and your nephews auditioning for Ireland’s biggest Christmas special. . This specific feature was very important to RTE because they are always asking site visitors to upload their video, audio, document, or PDF files into the system. 

Wide Variety of Form Options 

RTE’s website traffic has doubled in the last couple of years (and even more so during the COVID-19 crisis). As such, they are creating more and more content – and 123FormBuilder is frequently part of this process. 

From ticketing systems (for the famous Late Late Show at Christmas) to quizzes and surveys for website visitors, 123FormBuilder helps RTE create versatile information collection workflows that make everything easy for the people on both ends — Neil, his colleagues at RTE and those who visit the site. 

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123FormBuilder does everything we need and more. It is a flexible system that is perfect for a company like ours.

David Alpert President Continuum Marketing

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123FormBuilder was very helpful, the support team outlined our options and always made sure we have what we need. Everything worked perfectly!

Kath Courts Communications, The ButterFly Foundation

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Reliability is essential in what I do – and you can’t put a price on that. 123 Forms are priceless!

Karin Graddy CEO, Graddy Solutions

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