Karin Graddy Testimonial

The forms are easy for people to use, so submissions don’t get lost when someone can’t figure out how to fill in the form.

Karin Graddy
CEO @ Graddy Solutions


of websites built

Favorite Feature

Ease of Use


of websites built

Favorite Feature

Ease of Use

Websites that work

A happy customer is the best advocate. Graddy Solutions, a small web design and development business based in DeKalb, IL, knows this well. The websites they create for individuals, SMBs, churches, and other non-profit organizations have managed to exceed expectations and brought them enthusiastic reviews.

From custom design to SEO services, to social media integration and blogging, Graddy Solutions is the one-stop-shop. The agency puts an accent on the affordability of their services and adaptability of layouts, so that each client receives the optimum web solutions at a fair price.

Why do professional website builders need a form builder?

More or less every website the Graddy team creates needs at least one web form. The many clients queuing at the agency’s door brought a diverse list of tasks that needed to be handled through web forms: event registration, contests, surveys, feedback gathering.

Check out how you can automate
complex forms with 123FormBuilder

Graddy Solutions soon realized that they needed to automate their form building, as writing their own code in HTML and PHP became a hassle. And then there was another much worse problem: emails sent through forms sometimes vanished, as mail servers proved unreliable at times

The 123FormBuilder Solution

As soon as she started using 123, Karin Graddy, the owner of Graddy Solutions, was enchanted by the easiness of form creation and publishing. She quickly put the tool into use and created all types of custom web forms. All the forms use custom themes to match the design of every website they are implemented on. The team uses custom notifications so that the client receives submissions in their own mailbox. 

The time saved has been important – but probably most important is the effectiveness, quality and reliability.

123’s forms are so versatile, I have used them for many different things.Probably the best thing about them is the great group of folks who work the live chat. They are SO helpful and friendly and almost always available. Reliability is essential in what I do – and you can’t put a price on that. It’s priceless!“

The Payoff

The Graddy Agency can now be certain that no form submissions get lost, forms are easy to build and maintain, and offer a user-friendly experience. All of this in moments! 

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123FormBuilder does everything we need and more. It is a flexible system that is perfect for a company like ours.

David Alpert President Continuum Marketing

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123FormBuilder was very helpful, the support team outlined our options and always made sure we have what we need. Everything worked perfectly!

Kath Courts Communications, The ButterFly Foundation

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Reliability is essential in what I do – and you can’t put a price on that. 123 Forms are priceless!

Karin Graddy CEO, Graddy Solutions

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