June Product Updates

We’re excited to share the latest enhancements and fixes that will improve your experience with 123FormBuilder. Here’s what’s new this month!

NationBuilder – updated integration

We’ve enhanced our integration with NationBuilder, providing improved functionality and seamless connectivity for a better user experience.

New in thank you page – Inline editing

We have added an option in the thank you page section to edit text directly within the editor stage. This new feature allows you to make changes quickly and efficiently without needing to use the text component section from the right-side panel. Now, you can update content in real-time, improving your workflow and reducing the time required for content revisions.

Migrate forms with “Show text” and “Redirect to a webpage” to the new Thank you page

We are excited to announce that all forms currently using the show text and redirect-to-web page functionality will be seamlessly migrated to the new Thank You page. This update preserves the existing functionality, ensuring users experience the same reliable performance while enjoying the enhanced features of the new Thank You page. 

New event & email template in notification – Payment failed

In the email notification “when” section, we’ve added a new template with a payment link for users with payment processors on their forms, so that customers with failed payments can retry making the payment.

Update design for product field

We have improved the product field design by refining the layout, including removing borders and background color, adding image border-radius, repositioning elements, and adding space between the currency symbol and the number.

Order summary – Update/remove product quantities

The order summary in the product field will function as a shopping cart, allowing users to update and delete products directly from the order summary.

Deleting Attached Files in Upload Manager

We’ve enhanced the file deletion process so that when a user deletes an attached file from the Upload Manager, it is also removed from the corresponding submission entry and flagged for permanent deletion after 75 days, during which it won’t count towards the user’s storage limit.

Users will receive a confirmation message about the deletion, and the current delete modal will be displayed.

Adding Next and Previous Buttons in Action Bar Field Settings

You can now customize the Next and Previous buttons when creating multi-page forms.

Accessibility Compliance

123FormBuilder meets both Level A and Level AA compliance according to WCAG 2.1 standards. It includes alt-text functionality for all form elements, enhancing accessibility for individuals with visual impairments or cognitive disabilities. This feature ensures that you can create forms that are easily navigable and usable for a diverse audience.

Salesforce query section improvement

Allow users to validate query with data from submissions.

Lookup with multiple rules

The lookup with multiple rules works as expected when it is being used in mapping.

Salesforce Bug Fixes

Now Salesforce prefill works on forms with custom domain

We are pleased to inform you that the bug affecting Salesforce prefill on forms with custom domains has been resolved. Your forms will now seamlessly prefill data from Salesforce, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.

Record are now successfully created in SF when cookies are disabled and Stripe is used

We have resolved the issue where disabling all cookies prevented the record from being created or updated in Salesforce when Stripe was used on the form.

123FormBuilder and Salesfore Integration

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