Customize template

No matter the grade level or school subject, this student progress report form template can easily tailor to any teacher’s needs. Drag and drop Likert scales, text fields, dates, and many other data formats. Then add your school logo, take your pick of colors and fonts, and configure the form to send copies to multiple individuals, such as department heads, other teachers, the principal, and parents.

Publish template

Distribute your student progress report form anywhere online. For example, embed it on a website, either directly on a page or as a lightbox. Or simply share its dedicated link by email or on social media. This responsively designed form is easy to use on mobile devices and computers alike, thanks to a responsive layout that adapts to each user’s screen dimensions.

Collect & manage data

Keep track of student progress report form submission history in a secure database that stores every entry. There you can view statistics or export reports to Excel, CSV, or PDF. In addition, 123FormBuilder integrates with a wide variety of third-party services, enabling you to send data directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, Moodle, and many more.

Optimize processes

Implement a less burdensome, more discreet way to communicate concerns with a web-based student progress report form. By going paperless, teachers and parents can better control the confidentiality of the reports. Furthermore, you can configure notifications to be sent instantly by email or SMS to any number of individuals, eliminating any delays associated with sending postal mail.

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