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How to Create Student Progress Reports for Free

Teachers, do you struggle with how to collect data on student progress? What about managing the data you’ve collected? With everything you need to do in the classroom, it’s understandable that you might struggle with how to assess student learning and track progress over time. But the importance of assessment in education is not debatable. Teachers clearly need easy ways of collecting data on student performance to track improvements over time.

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Fortunately, our free student progress report template form helps teachers like you collect the information you need to evaluate whether your students are improving and mastering the materials you’re teaching in the classroom. Whether you need to track kindergartener behavior or high school math skills, here’s a quick overview of how to assess student learning by using our template for student progress reports.

Start progress reports with student info

Student information is an important part of the student progress form. Keep it simple by tracking only student names, or add other details about your students’ interests and preferences to help your tailor improvement plans as necessary. When you have the right student information in your form, it’s easy to follow their progress.

Include grade level to track student progress

In addition to student details, you’ll want to include information about each student’s grade level performance in the progress report. This will help confirm that the student is making appropriate progress from year to year. If you need additional details about the student’s performance level, you can easily customize your form to address other information that matters in your classroom or school.

Include an evaluation form for students

By default, our template lets you specify whether the student’s areas of concern are academic or behavioral. You can also add more detailed fields to evaluate progress in specific areas such as reading level, math skills, emotional skills, and more. As the teacher, you’re in control of how you track your students’ progress in your classes.

Propose solutions for student progress

The best teachers know that simply tracking student progress is not enough, and they are deeply invested in helping students get better over time as well. Our progress report form includes suggested solutions for any areas of concern so you can aid your students in improving and evaluate how solutions are working.

Customize your student progress form

We know that teachers are busy, so we provide a student progress report template to get you started. Because different students, teachers, and schools have different needs, you can easily customize the progress report form to meet your student evaluation needs by using our free online form builder.  It’s easy to add and edit fields using our simple drag and drop editor, so get started today with your student progress form and ease your worries about tracking student progress.


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