Customize template

Looking for a student disciplinary action form template? This free prototype is a web form you can easily tailor and use online with no need for coding skills. Just drag and drop the appropriate fields to document any misconduct—text fields, Likert scales, image uploads, signatures, and many more formats are ready for your use. Similarly, the look and feel are completely flexible and ready to embrace your school colors and logo.

Publish template

It’s easy to distribute your student disciplinary action form to your colleagues. For starters, add it to your school’s internal website using the embed link provided in the form editor. Additionally, you can email the form directly to your faculty mailing list. Thanks to a mobile responsive design which accommodates a variety of display sizes, your form will display clearly and be easy to complete on desktops, tablets, and even smartphones.

Collect & manage data

Your student disciplinary action form is not only a reporting mechanism but also a record-keeping system. All submissions live in a confidential database hosted by 123FormBuilder. There you can refer to past records or export to PDF for printing. To work with the reports outside of your account simply download to Excel/CSV or integrate with a variety of apps, including Dropbox, Moodle, Google Drive, and Evernote.

Optimize processes

Although we hope you rarely, if ever, need to use your student disciplinary action form, you’ll appreciate the efficiency it adds to your duties. Specifically, the web form speeds up the process of writing up the reports and eliminates the need to key the same data into a computer. Furthermore, this mobile-friendly form is especially well-suited for use on a tablet, facilitating the collection of signatures from the student and the principal, and any other parties involved in the incident.

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