Frequently Asked Questions

What is a scholarship application form?

A scholarship application form is a document students fill in with their personal and academic information when they apply for a scholarship that the school, college, or university offers. Other supporting documents and references are attached to the scholarship application such as the student’s resume and a personal statement letter.

How can I create a scholarship application form?

The best way to create a scholarship application form is to build an online version of it and embed it on your school’s website. This way, students will be able to fill in the form from their homes or dormitory. That’s why we’ve created this scholarship application form template that you can edit in our form builder without needing programming skills. Once you’ve imported the template, use our form editor to adjust the fields, add your own statements, and include file upload fields that the students may use to upload their resume and other supporting documents on the application form. You can also integrate your scholarship application form with another platform or tools you may be using. Learn more about our form integrations.

What information should a scholarship application include?

A scholarship application should include the student’s contact details, citizenship, study status, major (if applicable), campus, academic awards, a personal statement, a resume, and a list of teachers who reference the students with their full contact details.

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