Customize it by including details about the activity and your school’s involvement. Ask for key information about the parents or guardians, the child, and their potential special needs. And then share it with the parents in your shared communication tool (Whatsapp, Slack, etc.) or in your monthly school newsletter.

Frequently Asked Questions

A parental consent form is a document that parents fill out and sign, giving permission for their minor child to participate in an activity organized by their school, organization, or club.

You can start by giving a clear description of the activity, the purpose, dates, location, necessary materials (if applicable), supervisors, and so on. Then continue by requesting details about the minor child and their parent. Here are a few key pieces of information that you should include in your parental consent form.
– The contact details of the parent and the child, including their names, email, phone number, address, age (if relevant).
– The child’s grade, school, group name. The name of their teacher, if it’s a bigger activity.
– An emergency contact.
– Include a section asking for the child’s special needs: medications, potential allergies, etc. Anything that can impact their well-being during the activity.
– Digital signature.

Customize template

Modify this easy-to-use parental consent form in any way you want. Use the drag & drop tool to add more fields or resize the current ones, change the theme settings, enable email or SMS notifications, edit anything on this template to collect the right data and to make your form match your school. No coding skills? You actually don’t need any.

Publish template

With our platform, parents can complete the consent form entirely on their smartphones. Embed the form into a web page, share it on social media or send it out through email to collect emergency contacts and special medical information for each child. Sharing the form anywhere is easy, it requires only the classical copy and paste.

Collect & manage data

Check submissions coming from your parental consent form directly on our platform. All data is safely stored via SSL connection. If you prefer, export the data table in CSV, Excel or PDF so you can update or otherwise manage parent permissions from your preferred device.

Optimize processes

Skip the printed paper hassle and send digital forms to parents, so that they can grant or deny the consent for their children’s participation in trips or other activities. Having documented parental permissions through web forms will greatly simplify your school procedures and parents will love it!

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