What Is a Medical Waiver Form?

A medical waiver form is a legal document that doctors, medical practitioners, and healthcare professionals use to obtain permission from patients to provide medical care and release themselves from any legal responsibility in case of an incident. By signing a medical waiver form, the patient gives up their right to sue the medical practitioner or the facility.

What Does the Form Need to Include?

Some of the most common details to include in your waiver form are:

  • Patient’s contact information (name, email address, home address, phone number, etc.)
  • Medical state (current and past injuries, medication, etc.)
  • Description of the medical treatment (plus potential risks)
  • Terms of agreement (if applicable)
  • Signature field
  • Date and time

Who Needs a Medical Waiver Form?

Healthcare providers share medical waivers with individuals who engage in activities that could harm them or accept medical care that carries some risks. The disclaimer helps the patient understand the risks and potential injuries and allows doctors to be released of any legal responsibility.

Making Your Medical Form HIPAA Compliant

If you collect ePHI, being HIPAA Compliant is essential to protecting the privacy of your patients’ data. 123FormBuilder is 100% HIPAA compliant. To benefit from our advanced security measures, all you need to do is add HIPAA compliance to any of our Enterprise plans.  

How to Use a Medical Liability Waiver

A medical liability waiver can add clarity, efficiency, and trust to your healthcare processes. Here’s what you can do with 123FormBuilder’s waiver forms.

Optimize Processes

Automate collecting consent by reducing the need for physical visits to your medical facility (especially for people whose medical state doesn’t allow them to) with a positive impact on accessibility. Make it easy for the patient to give their permission from their mobile device in the comfort of their home and for your staff to safely and efficiently collect and handle ePHI, reducing human error and the waiting time in your lobby.

Safely Protect & Store Data

123FormBuilder has robust security measures that ensure you’re collecting ePHI safely and all of your data is securely stored. With data centers hosted on AWS, antispam protection, GDPR and HIPAA compliance, and data encryption (to name a few of our security measures), you’ll have peace of mind that your patients’ data is well protected. 

Customize Your Form

Healthcare centers can customize the waiver form as they see fit. 123FormBuilder’s forms are highly customizable and don’t require any coding skills. So you can keep the form short with just a few questions or make it more comprehensive by adding a section dedicated to inquiring about the patient’s medical condition or describing the risks associated with the medical treatment. Drag and drop to build it with just a few clicks, add your logo, add an electronic signature field and share it online with your patients. You can even make your form multilingual by enabling the translation option.

Medical Waiver Form FAQs

What does a medical waiver mean?

A medical waiver is a legal agreement form that releases the doctor from medical liability, meaning they will not be held liable in case any incidents or injuries happen. Any medical practitioner from any department can use the waiver to collect patient consent.

What is a waiver form in medical billing?

When patients sign a waiver form in medical billing, they agree not to be able to claim compensation from the medical professional if the treatment or procedure results in potential injuries or death.

How do you write a waiver form?

Grab 123FormBuilder’s waiver form template and start customizing it with your information. YOu can also build it from scratch by using our intuitive drag & drop editor and even integrate it with a 3rd party applications.

What is a medical waiver of liability?

The medical waiver of liability protects the medical professional if the patient suffers potential injuries. The patient signs the release before the medical care and gives their consent after being informed of all the risks.

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