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6 Key Automation Features in 123FormBuilder to Boost Productivity

Are you tired of spending excessive time and effort on manual tasks related to form management and data processing? Look no further! Introducing 123FormBuilder’s top automation features to supercharge your productivity and revolutionize your workflow.

With the ever-growing demand for streamlined processes and efficient data handling, automation has become a game-changer. 123FormBuilder understands the importance of automation in simplifying your daily tasks and boosting productivity. That’s why we have developed a range of cutting-edge automation features to take your form-building experience to the next level.

This guide explores the top automation features offered by 123FormBuilder that will transform the way you work. From seamlessly integrating with third-party applications to automating approval workflows and simplifying data management, our platform empowers you to achieve more with less effort.

1. Email notifications

Our efficient email automation features guarantee swift communication with all stakeholders upon form submission. Categorized into distinct sections, our email notifications offer various functionalities:

  • Notification emails: Stay informed with emails that promptly alert you and your team whenever a form is submitted or edited. Customize these notifications to include essential information, streamlining your workflow seamlessly.
  • Dynamic forms – Conditional logic: Enhance flexibility by setting up conditional logic for your forms. Specify the recipients who should receive emails based on specific conditions being met. Our form builder will automatically send emails solely to the designated recipients when the specified conditions align with form submissions. This tailored approach ensures effective communication and targeted notifications.

Enhance engagement effortlessly with the discreet power of autoresponders, ensuring respondents receive personalized messages upon form submission. These automated messages provide an opportunity to deliver additional information tailored to the topic of their form submission, subtly boosting engagement levels.

Furthermore, if your form is centered around events or appointments, leverage the autoresponder feature to schedule the cadence of these automated responses. Based on the proximity to your event, these auto responses will be automatically dispatched, streamlining communication.

To effectively manage appointment or event-based forms, consider utilizing reminder emails. Simplify the process by automating the scheduling of reminder emails, including the cadence, send time, time zone, and start and end dates (particularly useful for seasonal or time-sensitive forms). 

2. Secure e-Signature

Document signing through forms can significantly enhance task automation, providing many benefits for streamlining your workflows. Here’s how signing documents through forms can help automate your tasks:

  • Eliminate manual processes: By integrating document signing directly into your forms, you can eliminate the need for manual document handling, printing, signing, and scanning. This automation saves time and reduces the risk of errors or lost documents.
  • Accelerate approval processes: With document signing integrated into forms, you can automate approval workflows. Instead of manually routing physical documents for signatures, the digital signing process allows for instant and remote approvals. This speeds up the overall approval process, enabling faster decision-making and reducing delays.
  • Ensure compliance and security: Automated document signing through forms provides a secure and compliant environment for sensitive information. Advanced encryption and authentication mechanisms protect the integrity and confidentiality of the signed documents. Audit trails and timestamping also ensure traceability and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Tracking and monitoring: Automated document signing provides real-time visibility into the status of signed documents. You can easily track who has signed when they signed, and any pending signatures. This tracking capability enables better monitoring of document progress, ensuring timely completion and reducing the need for follow-up.

With 123FormBuilder, you have the power to generate web forms for various purposes and seamlessly incorporate digital signatures. Utilize the Signature field to capture the electronic counterpart of a handwritten signature from your respondents. This functionality empowers you to finalize agreements and partnerships online, eliminating the need for dedicated in-person meetings solely for signature collection.

3. Popular Third-party app integrations

123FormBuilder offers a wide range of third-party applications that seamlessly integrate with your web forms and surveys, empowering you to automate your workflow efficiently. While there are numerous options available, two of the most popular and widely used integrations are Google Sheets and Google Calendar. 

You can effortlessly streamline your data management processes by harnessing the power of integration with Google Sheets. When a form is submitted, the form data is automatically sent and organized within a Google Sheets spreadsheet. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures that all form submissions are efficiently captured and stored in a centralized location. 

With real-time updates and the ability to collaborate with team members, Google Sheets integration enables smooth data tracking, analysis, and reporting.

Additionally, integrating with Google Calendar provides a powerful tool for automating event management. With this integration, you can automatically create events in Google Calendar based on form submissions. For example, suppose you are collecting event registration information through a form. In that case, the integration can automatically generate corresponding events in Google Calendar, complete with the relevant details such as event name, date, time, location, and even attendee information. This seamless automation saves time, eliminates the risk of scheduling conflicts, and ensures that event details are promptly and accurately recorded.

These integrations with Google Sheets and Google Calendar empower you to create a more efficient and streamlined workflow. By automating the transfer of data to Google Sheets and the creation of events in Google Calendar, you can focus on analyzing and utilizing the collected information rather than spending valuable time on manual data entry and event schedules. 

Whether you’re managing leads, conducting surveys, or organizing events, integrating with Google Sheets and Google Calendar through 123FormBuilder allows you to take full advantage of automation. Seamlessly connect your form submissions with these powerful tools to optimize your workflow, improve collaboration, and achieve greater efficiency in your data management and event planning processes.

4. Approvals feature

With the powerful approval feature offered by 123FormBuilder, you can automate the process of reviewing and approving form submissions. Whether you need a single person to approve or multiple levels of approval, this feature has got you covered.

By setting up an approval workflow on your form, you can define the specific sequence of steps required to mark a submission as accepted or rejected. You have the flexibility to choose who needs to provide approval, whether it’s a single person or a chain of multiple approvers.

Gone are the days of manually forwarding submissions for approval and following up via email. With 123FormBuilder, the approval process becomes seamless and efficient. Once a submission is made, our system takes care of automatically notifies the designated approvers via email.

5. Thank you pages 

The Forms Thank You page provides the perfect opportunity to engage with your respondents after they have submitted a form. With this dynamic page, you can seamlessly redirect respondents to a customized landing page that delivers a personalized message, expresses gratitude, and even provides the next steps.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The Forms Thank You page becomes a catalyst for automation, enabling you to automate various flows and processes. Integrate it with your email marketing platform to trigger automated email sequences, nurturing your leads and keeping them engaged. You can also leverage this page to automate the delivery of digital content, such as downloadable resources or exclusive offers, providing instant value to your respondents.

Furthermore, the Forms Thank You page can be integrated with your customer relationship management (CRM) system, automatically updating customer profiles, triggering follow-up tasks, or initiating specific workflows based on form submissions. This automation streamlines your operations, saving you time and ensuring that no lead or customer interaction falls through the cracks.

6. Form Analytics – Insights

Form analytics provides valuable information about user behavior, such as drop-off rates, completion times, and form abandonment points. By analyzing this data, you can pinpoint bottlenecks and areas where users may encounter difficulties. With this knowledge, you can automate solutions to streamline the form-filling experience and improve conversion rates.

With 123FormBuilder’s automation capabilities, you can transform the way you work, unlocking a new level of efficiency and productivity. From email notifications and autoresponders to secure e-signatures and popular third-party app integrations, these features empower you to streamline your processes, enhance communication, and maximize the value of your form submissions.

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