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Why Do You Need Autoresponders in Data Collection?

Autoresponders are emails that, as the name suggests, are automatically sent to the people in your mailing list based on certain pre-defined rules and time intervals. Autoresponders are important because they allow you to automate communication and save a lot of time.

However, that isn’t their only benefit. By using autoresponders, you can also generate a lot of insights for your company, but only if you know how to use them correctly. When you use autoresponders in data collection, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish and the benefits you’ll see.

Ease of Use

With an autoresponder, you‘ll have access to easy communication around the clock. It works for you 24/7, ensuring that you’re reaching out to your form submitters at the right time. And all of the sent emails are prewritten, so there’s no hard work involved.

Better Connection to the User

Email autoresponders are one of the most effective ways of nurturing leads and cultivating long-term relationships with those who want to communicate with your business, learn from what you can teach, or simply take advantage of the assets you may provide them for free.

Automated emails sometimes get a bad reputation because people are under the assumption that they aren’t personal, but that can’t be further from the truth. Using autoresponders is all about being more human and creating a conversation with your customers

When you use autoresponders in the data collection process, you have a lot of opportunities to customize certain fields and make every email you send out completely personalized. You should always aim for personalization since personalized emails have 41% more unique click rates than non-personalized ones.

Streamlining Communication & Workflows in Your Team

A series of emails that are sent when a specific action is performed is called an email automation workflow. For instance, if someone submits a message via your Contact Form, you can set up an automatic email to be sent three minutes afterward, to ensure them that you have received their message and you’re on it. Likewise, if you have a form on your site that’s meant to provide potential customers with an automatic quote, you can set up an autoresponder email to be sent once the form is submitted (and which can contain a PDF file with the quote for your services).

Furthermore, to make sure everyone in your team is in the loop with your customer communication and autoresponders, you can even add multiple members of the team to the emailing list. This will help you streamline communication when collecting data, keeping all your team members on the same page when it comes to the information they can access.

Eliminate Human Errors in Data Collection & Management

Email autoresponders are extremely useful for teams who want to gain meaningful insights that help them evaluate their strategies more effectively. You can find out at what time most people open their messages, what’s the most viewed type of message, and so on. Furthermore, you can always make sure that essential communication is sent out at the perfect time, eliminating human error and streamlining both the data collection and the communication processes. 

These metrics allow marketers, customer care teams, HR pros, and pretty much every team in a company to see which strategies work and which ones don’t. If you collect these metrics without using a tool, data collection and management can be inaccurate and filled with errors. 

Sending Documents to Users Automatically

Autoresponders in data collection are an essential tool for all businesses and their employees because they significantly reduce the need to personally respond to every email you receive. Manual responses can take up a lot of your time and that can lead to customer frustration. At 123FormBuilder, we’ve implemented a robust auto-reply system in our form builder that allows business owners to send personalized autoresponders to their customers right after they submit their forms. This improves the customer experience and gives the business a friendlier face.

When you’re quick and efficient with your responses (which includes sending documents through email), you’ll show your (potential) customers that you’re a professional and gain their trust and confidence. This is a major factor that influences customer retention and it also leaves you with a lot of time to focus on other important tasks.


Email has been the primary source of communication between businesses and customers ever since its invention, and for a good reason. It’s quick, free, and simple. 

Essentially, emails allow you to communicate with the people on the other end of your business. Autoresponder emails, on the other hand, automate a large chunk of the basic messages you need to send out, so you can focus on other parts of your business processes. Not only that, but you do it in a perfectly well-timed, effortless, and efficient way! 

Want to learn how to nail autoresponders and make the most out of them? 

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