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Google Calendar

The 123FormBuilder Google Calendar integration allows you to create forms from which your visitors can:

  1. Create events, which will be transferred directly into one of the calendars from your Google Calendar account.
  2. Register as attendees at existing events from your Google Calendar account.

You can enable this application from the SettingsApplications section. Select the Google Calendar application from the list and click on Add. It’s very important that you are also logged into your Google Calendar account, in order for your 123FormBuilder and Google Calendar accounts to communicate.

Now follow these steps to enable the Google Calendar integration for your form:

  1. Click on Connect to Google Calendar.
  2. Google Calendar

  3. Click on Accept, in order to let the application apply any changes necessary to your Google Calendar account.
  4. Accept Google Calendar to web form

  5. A popup will appear, the Customize panel, where you have to associate Google Calendar fields with 123FormBuilder fields and hit Save. These associations establish how the information is passed to your Google Calendar account.
  6. Google Calendar Customize

  7. From Usage mode, select the type of action you want: Create a new event or Add an attendee to an existing event.
  8. It’s strongly recommended that you set on required the fields you’ll need to associate in the Customize panel. This way there won’t be any errors, when creating or attending an event, form users being unable to submit your form, without completing all the fields. If you do not set as required the current fields, users may skip some of them and the integration will not succeed in your Google Calendar account. In short, even though a submission will pass successfully, if not all fields have been completed, no event will be created or the attendee will not be added to your event.
  9. In Error handling (bottom page) you can add your email address, in case your submissions encounter some problems. If you delete an event, and later someone is trying to attend it, or if you delete a calendar, where someone is trying to create an event, you’ll receive an alert in your inbox with details of the submission.Here’s an example:

  10. Google Calendar error handling
    Google Calendar - Event delete

These were the steps for using the Google Calendar application for your form. Below you can find the steps for setting up the two types of actions that this integration allows: A. creating new events and B. adding attendees to one of your events.

A. To create a new event

  1. You’ll need to add to your form the fields Name, Date, Time, Email, Number (for Duration) and three Text Boxes (for Location, Description and Title, respectively). Set them on required, as specified earlier.
  2. Google Calendar - Create event

  3. Select Create a new event from Usage mode, in the Customize panel.
  4. Select the calendar where you want the event to be created, if you have more than one calendar in your Google Calendar account. If you have problems finding your desired calendar press the Refresh button on the right.
  5. Google Calendar

  6. You can choose to write a title in the assigned box or associate the appropriate field from your form in the dropdown list, below. Don’t forget to click Add, in order for the field’s input to be set in the Title box.
  7. Google Calendar - Customize - title

  8. You can set the duration of the event in two ways: using Value – where you have five options available: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 h, 1.5 h, 2 h or using Fields – where you can assign a Number field from your form, where users will specify the time in minutes.
  9. Google Calendar - Event duration

  10. The Description box can be set the same way as the Title.
  11. Associate any field you want from the dropdown list for Location.
  12. You can allow multiple events to happen at the same time in your Google Calendar account, by enabling this option in the Customize panel.
  13. Google Calendar - allow muliple events

  14. Click on Save and you’ll find the created event in your Google Calendar account, like in the example below:
  15. Google Calendar - multiple events

B. To add an attendee to an existing event

  1. Here you’ll need to add and set as required only the fields Name and Email in your form.
  2. Google Calendar - attendee

  3. Select Add an attendee to an existing event from Usage mode, within the Customize panel.
  4. Google Calendar - Add attendee customization

  5. Select a calendar and make sure that the associations for the Name and Email fields are made correctly in Attendee details.
  6. In Event details choose the desired event. Search for it by Date and select its name from the dropdown list below.
  7. Google Calendar - Search event

  8. Click on Save within the Customize panel and your form is set.


  1. Hi,

    On a form with 2 fields “date”, for check in and chek out; and linked to Google Agenda; doesn’t show duration length on Google agenda.

    1/ I went to Customize Google Calendar application
    2/ in “Duration ” it offer me: “fields” or “value”
    3/ I try “fields” to get the second “date” field from my form, but offer to me this possibility. Only a number in minutes. In value, same, choice of minutes.

    1. Hello Cedric!

      You cannot map a Date field to the duration of the event. Duration implies the number of minutes the event takes place, so only the Number field or a text box with numeric validation can be used. What you are looking for is an end date, an option that our integration does not provide.

      In conclusion, when the form visitors create events in your Google Calendar, they will need to specify the duration of the event in minutes, not the date when the event will be over.

      For further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at support@123formbuilder.com or via our contact form.


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