How to customize the Thank You page of the form?

If you want to customize the content of the Thank You page where the form visitors are redirected after submission, go to the SettingsThank You Page section of your form. Once there, go to Thank You and Redirects and click on the option Show HTML Block. An HTML Block will drop down, similar to the HTML view of the autoresponder or notification email lightbox. Here you can add different codding elements, images, text styles, form inputs and videos. If you want to add a form input in the HTML block, select the field in the dropdown list – located on top, and press the Add button on the right.

123FormBuilder customize Thank You page

In the end, form visitors will be redirected to a Thank You page with the content you have customized in the HTML Block. The content will show up within the form’s layout, so if you have used the form headline box, it will appear also on the Thank You page.

The custom Thank You page does not support JavaScript for security reasons. Instead, you can upload the script on the Web and add it to your form via its URL as described in our documentation.

123FormBuilder customize thank you page after submit

Note: This feature is available starting with the Gold plan.

If interested in how to embed videos in the HTML block, follow our documentation on how to embed videos in the HTML block. To embed videos in the Thank You page, hit Source code and paste the embed code there.

How to use the HTML Block to customize the Thank You page:

123FormBuilder custom Thank You page

If you are familiar with editing autoresponders and notification email templates in HTML mode for your online forms, the HTML block of the Thank You page is not different. All that you need to know is that all the content within the HTML block is displayed the same within the layout of the Thank You page. The only significant difference is the form field, because here you see a code of the field, while on the Thank You page your form visitors will see their input.

Try out the options of the HTML block and see how the content is displayed on the Thank You page after submission.

Olivian Stoica
Olivian Stoica
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  1. tony jones says:

    On submission of the form, is there a way to reset the form, and open a custom url in a new window?

    • vlad says:

      Hello Tony.

      You can choose to open a specific URL in a new tab, by using the in a new frame option of the Redirect to a web page,in the Settings -> Thank You Page section. But, there is a chance that the page will be blocked by the users browser as a pop-up. Also, the form will only reset if the page is refreshed manually, as submitting the form cannot force o refresh of the entire page.

      In this case you can choose the in the parent frame option, as it works best in the majority of case, redirects the user to the desired URL, and resets the form when returning to the initial page.

      If you have any other questions, please contact our Support team at or via our contact form.


  2. Jacky Driessen says:

    Dear 123 form builder, In some way i can save an other choice than ´show text´ (Thank You Page and Redirects). I want to redirect or show hmtl block. But when i choice that and also edit it and i save it, it’s still on ´show text´. What do i wrong?
    Thank you

    • vlad says:


      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      Please make sure that you make this change in your form’s Settings section –> Thank You Page. Afterwards, it should be applied to your form.

      For further assistance, you can contact us at and send us the form’s link that you are referring to, so we can help you with this.


  3. jason yeldell says:

    Excellent. Would be out of this world if we could embed a [print] button! 🙂

  4. simon says:

    Yes great BUT I need WYSIWYG design ability not HTML for the non coders among us

    • Hello Simon!

      You do not need to code anything when setting up your Thank You page. You can use the toolbar from the HTML Block to style the page as you see fit. If you want to add the input of a field, select the field from the dropdown displayed on top of the block and hit the button Add. This will include the field input as a tag, which you copy and paste it in other parts of your page. Whenever someone submits the form, the respective tag will be replaced with the input given by the submitter.

      If you require assistance in setting up your Thank You page, feel free to contact our support specialists at or via our contact form.


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