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123FormBuilder integrates with Google Drive and allows you to send form submissions to spreadsheets

The Google Drive integration allows you to send form submissions to spreadsheets. All submissions for one form will appear in the same spreadsheet.

Before integrating with Google Drive there are a few things that you should be aware of:

  • Do not delete any spreadsheet columns generated by your form fields. You can delete fields from your form but not their correspondent spreadsheet column in Google Drive.
  • Make test submissions after applying changes, to update on both sides.
  • Selecting a group of cells and sorting/filtering data will break the integration.

You’ll find the Google Drive integration in the Integrations section of your form. Add the application and hit the Connect button. You’ll be redirected to a separate page to add your Google account credentials (if not logged in).

Google Drive app

When you check your Google Drive account after submissions were made, you will see that you’ve got a new spreadsheet with the name of your form showing each submission’s input on one row. The form data is not sent immediately, but after one to five minutes.

The counter displayed next to the name of the Google account specifies the number of times a new token has been created. A new token is created each time you choose the Connect another account option within the dropdown and type in a Gmail address that you already used.

Connected accounts

Our integration works very well with event registration forms and online surveys when you need to share form entries quickly with other interested parties.

Important Notes

To change both the label names and the order of the columns in your spreadsheet, you’ll need to follow these steps:
  • 1. First, change the label names and submit your form.
  • 2. Reorder the columns in your spreadsheet and submit the form after you are done.
The first test communicates your final changes. Make two submissions to update the spreadsheet. Following these steps will prevent the integration from failing. Make sure you have at least one test submission made between step 1 and step 2.

If the integration is not working correctly, click on the Remove button and add Google Drive again. A new spreadsheet will be created. The connection with the old spreadsheet can not be restored.

Remove app

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    1. Hello Tyler, any application added to a form will start sending the information submitted only after the integration has been enabled. We cannot send the data of the submissions made prior to that. What we can recommend in this case would be to export your submissions to CSV, copy the older submissions, and paste them into your spreadsheet. However, please make sure that you add the information to new empty rows and avoid adding any new columns, as this might break the integration. I hope this helps and please feel free to contact us at if you have further questions.

  1. My Google Drive was working very well. By the way, today it’s not submit anymore. I deleted the aplication, also the googlesheet from my google drive, and I tried it again, but it’s not work anymore. Is there any error with google drive aplication today?

    1. Hello Rafael, we encountered an issue with our Google Drive integration but our developers fixed it right away. Now your spreadsheet should be populated with new entries. If not, please contact us at to further check your connection.
      Have a great weekend!

  2. Is there a way that the form report will automatically be generated to a pdf or google docs format and uploaded? Sometimes the excel/spreadsheets format is cumbersome and doesn’t show certain elements such as signatures and special characters. I understand the spreadsheets format is useful for reporting and sorting information, but is there another report format that isnt spreadsheets?

    1. Hi Tyler! You can create custom reports, save them as PDF, publish them on your website, create many reports filters, etc. Unfortunately, in reports we can not display signatures because they are images. Please check our knowledge base category on reports for more details: Reports

  3. I have used this application for a few years and I have never had a problem (or very little). So, I built my order system based on this link between forms and google sheets. Unfortunatly, everything to stoped working this morning … Customer service tell me that effectively, there is a problem but that it does not know what is the problem, the causes and strategies to fix the whole thing. .. This causes me a lot of worries since I have to fall into manual mode for an indefinite period. It’s really frustrating!

    1. Hello David! First, let me apologize for this unfortunate inconvenience. For a few hours, the integration had a technical issue. Our developers fixed the problem and now the integration is working properly. For the submissions that weren’t imported, you can manually insert them on a new row. This action will not mess up the integration. After that, the new entries will be automatically added after.

    1. Hello, the files uploaded through our file upload fields will show up in the spreadsheet as hyperlinks. Fromm there you can download them.

    1. Hello Robbin! We are glad to hear that our article helped you solve your problem. Is the Juno Email issue related to our product?
      By the way, the link provided is not working.

    1. We’re glad you find our website helpful.
      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us!

  4. I connected my survey to google drive and got my spreadsheet… But users are allowed to come bak to the survey to change some infos and when it’s submitted again, infos doesn’t update in the drive spreadsheet… Could you help me with that please ? (I ran many tests)

    1. Hi Laurane,

      The Google Drive integration only sends information over to the spreadsheet on the initial submission. Editing an existing submission will not trigger a new one, so that updated information will not be sent over through the integration.

      The form would need to be submitted with the update info in order to generate a new row in the spreadsheet.


  5. If I put that new spreadsheet that was just created into a new folder, will 123 still send the data to it correctly?

    1. Hi Ryan,

      The spreadsheet can be moved into another folder. However, the Spreadsheet Name that is automatically generated based on the form name, will need to remain unchanged in order to correctly receive submissions.


  6. Hey Olivian ,
    I ‘m getting problem in sync my Google drive with smart phone which sometimes get automatically sync but sometimes it doesn’t.

  7. Hello,

    Some fields are missing in the googledocs sheet. For instance the field “comment” of my form does not appear in the googledocs. How to select field that will be updated in the googledocs?


    1. Hello,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      After integrating your form with Google Drive, all its fields should be sent to a spreadsheet automatically created in your Google Drive account.

      In case you encounter difficulties with this app, feel free to send us an email at and we will assist you on this matter.


    1. Hi Diego.

      Are you referring to a PDF file directly displayed on the form, or are you referring to PDF file uploaded through the form by the users?

      A PDF file can be attached to a form by using the Adobe PDF option of the Widget field form the Other Fields section of the editor. If you want users to upload a PDF file through the form you will need to add a File Upload field form the Basic Fields section of the editor.

      If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support team at or via our contact page.


  8. Hello! Can you please help us.

    People who registered on our site, appeared in our google docs (excel doc). Now this doesn’t happen. Can you help with it, and tell why is it so, please?


    1. Hello!

      The form data is sent within a 5 minute-period. Have you later checked your spreadsheet to see if the information is there? If not, please contact our support specialists at or via our contact page. Specify your browser, operating system and device to help the investigation.


  9. HELLO

    I had a nicely arranged Contact form that worked very well and the columns were all very nicely arranged to coincide with some other spreadsheet. I have since renamed the google spread sheet and deleted the old one. Unfortunately now I have a spreadsheet that the columns are now very different and there is one column for every option in the fields. Is there any way I can get back to the original format (of the columns). Can I just rearrange them in the google drive.

    Thanks for your time


  10. I successfully connected 123form with my google doc and they worked about one year. But now my google doc stopped be updated. Why did it happen?

    1. Hello!

      We have updated the Google Docs application to Google Drive, meaning that the application needs to be removed and installed again on the form, as we no longer support the older version of the app. We have announced via email and our blog regarding these changes, but perhaps the message got spammed. May we suggest using whitelists as explained in our documentation at

      This way, you will not lose any message coming from 123FormBuilder.

      For assistance or questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at or via Live Chat (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM GMT+2)

      We apologize for the inconvenience.


  11. i just install the google drive app. but in one of my forms i do have a four answers values(not only yes or no), but when i connected with the google drive app i only got yes or no values, need to to know why this is happening.

    1. Hello Rodrigo!

      If you use the Checkboxes field with 4 choices, each choice will represent a column in the Submissions section, as well as in your Google Drive account. The value Yes means the choice was selected by the form user, while No means that it hasn’t been selected. For Radio button and Dropdown fields, you’ll have a single column with the name of the field (header) and the name of the choice that has been selected by the form user.

      For more questions or assistance, please contact our Support Team at or via our contact page.


    1. Hello Rodrigo!

      Have you tried removing and adding the app again on your surveys? Please contact our Support Team via our contact page for assistance. They will get back at you as soon as possible to fix the issue.


  12. I´ve recieved an email tha says “There was an error while sending data from the following submission to your (Google Drive) account. Form ID: 981087.” Idon´t khow which is the error. Can you help me please?

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