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Employee Spotlight: Oana Samoila

Our company culture revolves around respect and collaboration, friendship and professionalism, passion for excellence and a love of keeping our employees happy. With that in mind, we decided to shine a spotlight on our colleagues, just to give you a glimpse of what 123FormBuilder (the form builder and the team behind it) is about. Our Employee Spotlight series continues with our Data Reporting Analyst, Oana Samoila.

photo of oana samoila from 123FormBuilder

What is your job at 123FormBuilder and what does that involve?

I’m a Data Reporting Analyst in the Growth department. Our team is responsible for the performance regarding the evolution of the organic or paid visitors to our web pages, channel partners, affiliates partners, social media or blog posts, and the content written and optimized for all the communication materials. I help this team to provide a positive evolution of these key performance indicators. Also, I’m in charge of reporting the company’s revenue and the main business KPIs. Meanwhile, I play with a MySQL tool, Excel, or other internal reporting tools.

Before 123FormBuilder what did you do?

I have switched careers – starting from studying advertising and working as a health and safety inspector to being a content manager in a small IT company from Timișoara and then working as an online marketing specialist at 123FormBuilder. Now that I am writing it here, I realize that I had some professional turning points. However, I have learned a lot from every job I had. At 123FormBuilder, I have developed myself very much from a professional and social perspective.

Is there a project that you have worked on and are particularly proud of?

One of the projects I am happy about is the Form Templates section. This project helped me to find out many circumstances where you can use online forms to simplify workflows. Furthermore, working on that project has been a great opportunity for me to achieve more knowledge about the 123FormBuilder product and vision.

What is your favorite perk at 123FormBuilder?

The cake for our birthdays is the best! I appreciate it because it makes us feel special. I love the early in the morning muffins, too. There are various perks I enjoy, but these are the most relevant for me. These months I have missed them a lot.

What did you dream of becoming when you were growing up?

My dreams have changed according to the stages of my age. When I was in kindergarten, I dreamed of becoming a teacher. Later, I wanted to become a veterinary doctor. In the last case, I wanted to be a journalist, but I ended not far from this – by studying advertising and communication.

What does your workspace look like, these days?

I change the kitchen table with the sofa every day, due to this pandemic situation. I haven’t bought an office yet. Anyway, I can’t work if I don’t have plants around me. They give me a permanent state of well-being.

Any advice for people looking to pursue a career at 123FormBuilder?

Be confident! A welcoming family is waiting for you at 123FormBuilder.

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