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Our website stayed up. The form stayed up. And everything worked. It was absolutely dreamy.

Ron Finegan
Business Analyst ServiceSource @ HSE
Ron Finegan


responses in 24 hours

Favorite Feature

Seamless Salesforce

Ron Finegan


responses in 24 hours

Favorite Feature

Seamless Salesforce

On Friday the 13th 2020, Ron and his team at HBS Recruitment were called into a meeting regarding the Coronavirus outbreak in Ireland. HSE, the Irish Health Service, needed a system to onboard a large number of people volunteering to help with the looming health crisis.

On Call for Ireland was on.

HBS Recruitment Services is one of the preferred service providers for human resource needs for the HSE. HBS had been using 123FormBuilder for a while – but never before had a project been so time-crunched, so essential, and so important for everyone.

“Can you have it in by this evening?”, they asked.

“I can have it done by Friday next week at best”, said Ron, unsure if he could deliver on his promise.

Little did he know that reality would exceed his expectations…

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The Salesforce Criterion

Ron and the HBS team spent no less than six months searching for the right form builder. Their main goal was to make their work as automated as possible. They took a lot of elements into consideration, but having a Salesforce integration was the absolute deal-breaker for them. As most of their processes were already moving through Salesforce, it was essential for HBS Recruitment Services to make sure they find a form builder that can easily integrate with their Customer Relationship Manager of choice.

Alas, they didn’t find it. Until…Enter 123FormBuilder, the data collection tool that made onboarding and integration smooth and easy for Ron and his team.

Cost-Savviness – Priceless

Regardless of who you are and what kind of business you run, your budget is always a concern. Ron and the HBS were no exception. They were looking for a form builder that would provide them the level of integration they needed, the features they needed, for a price that was convenient to their budget.

123FormBuilder offered them everything they needed: the possibility to create complex forms that are fully (and easily) integrated with Salesforce, for a fraction of the price they would have paid on anything remotely similar.

123FormBuilder excelled itself on this one. It really confirmed my faith in my decision to chose this solution.

“They say that you buy cheap, you buy twice, but this was not the case, fortunately”.

The Biggest Challenge

That Friday 13th, Ron and the HSE embarked on a project that was designed to save lives and help their country navigate the turbulent seas of the Covid19 health crisis.

The project was to help hospitals and healthcare providers acquire the necessary extra staff they needed for the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Clearly, a project of this magnitude needed a system to allow the HBS and the HSE to large amounts of data on massive numbers of volunteers and their skills.

They spent most of their time in video calls that weekend, trying to pull together all the information they needed to include in a form that would meet all their needs.

When they started, they did not even know exactly what kind of fields this form would have. The situation was in itself out of the ordinary, and they needed to sort things out as much as possible before they jumped into action.

By the end of that weekend, Ron and HSE had finished the form. All the fields, all the conditional logic rules, all the integrations – they were there, ready to go. And not just designing it, they’d built it in 123FormBuilder too.

On Sunday night, Ron emailed the Customer Care department at 123FormBuilder, letting us know that there is a massive campaign going on. “We don’t know how many submissions we’ll get, all we know is that there are 140,000 people out of work due to Corona right now, so we might potentially have to handle 140,000 submissions. On Call for Ireland was promoted on TV, our President Taoiseach spoke about it – so it’s going to be big”, Ron said.

The 123FormBuilder team jumped right into action, helping Ron preempt any issue that could arise – such as the API limitation on Salesforce that would have made the system run out of tickets in these special circumstances.

“We can launch on Saint Patrick’s Day”, Ron said on Monday.

And so it was. The form was up and running on Tuesday, March 17th.

More than 30,000 forms were submitted in the first 24 hours. That means one form was submitted every 20 seconds. With a little help from the 123FormBuilder team, HBS managed to reduce the time it took for every form to be recorded into Salesforce so that they do not lag behind and stay on top of the situation.

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