Customize template

So you need to assess the impact your conference had on your audience and don’t know where to start? Then this speech evaluation form sample is for you! Take it into your 123FormBuilder account and tailor it to match your event highlights. With the help of Likert scale statements, attendees will be able to provide more accurate feedback. Or add other field types from the sidebar – it’s easy, just drag and drop them to your real-time form builder. And to give it a more personalized touch, upload an image of the event in the header part of your form!

Publish template

After giving your speech evaluation form the desired look, sharing it with the audience is the next step. Of course, you don’t need to learn any sophisticated tricks! All that’s required is a copy-paste. So grab the form code and embed it in a web page or send the form URL by email. Another option is sharing on social media platforms if the conference attendees are more likely to find it there. And it goes without saying that they can rate speakers even from their mobile devices, our web forms are really friendly!

Collect & manage data

Collecting event speaker reviews is easier done with online forms. Besides, no need to worry about safety issues, we’ve got you covered! Form submissions live in a data table that you can easily update or export. Visual reports are also available on our platform. And if you choose to connect your feedback data with other web apps, we offer more than 30 integrations to choose from.

Optimize processes

As soon as speaker ratings come in, you will get email or SMS alerts. And if you configure your web form to notify multiple email recipients, you’ll save even more time. So ditch paper feedback forms and move them into the digital world! Creating an account with us is free and takes just a few clicks!

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