Frequently Asked Questions

How to customize a template?

Add this supervisor performance evaluation to your HR forms. Just copy it into your 123FormBuilder account and personalize it to match your company. Use conditional logic to skip some questions based on previous answers, add upload fields, change the form theme and add your logo. Lastly, set up multiple email recipients to have your whole HR department notified of incoming responses.

How to publish a template?

This supervisor performance evaluation fits perfectly to any screen, so employees can fill it out even while on the coffee break. There are many ways you can share the questionnaire with them. For instance, embed the form code in a web page, such as an intranet. Or send the form URL on email or a dedicated WhatsApp group. Only a copy-paste is necessary, no other complicated clicks.

How to collect and manage data?

Get the most accurate insights from your staff with an online supervisor performance evaluation. Every answer is securely stored in an attached database that you can consult and update from the 123FormBuilder platform. Naturally, it also exports to Excel, CSV or PDF. Also, we offer the option to integrate with multiple third-party applications.

How to optimize processes?

Delivering excellent human resources services is particularly efficient with 123FormBuilder. The supervisor performance evaluation we’ve designed will capture you the most relevant information at the right time, simplifying evaluation tasks at a great length. All you need to do is create an account and start playing with form options until you obtain the perfect evaluation questionnaire.

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