Customize template

Set up your personalized CEO evaluation form starting from an easy-to-edit template. Our real-time form editor relies on drag & drop functionality. This means you can remove, add or duplicate form fields according to your company needs, without any technical skills. Customize it by adding the logo, assigning a neutral design theme and configure multiple email recipients to notify the whole HR department of staff evaluations.

Publish template

As soon as your evaluation form reaches the desired format, send it anywhere online with no other effort than a copy and paste. To illustrate, you can place the form link in an email message or on a shared platform, such as an internal network. Embedding the form on a web page is another option. And to top it all, those assessing CEO performance will be able to submit their review even from their smartphones, as all our forms are mobile responsive.

Collect & manage data

The yearly staff evaluation process is a lot more productive with the help of digital forms. CEO evaluations will land in a secure database. Here you can either update the data or download it on your desktop as a CSV, Excel or PDF file. Besides, to keep the workflow at its highest, integrate with third-party systems. For this purpose, visit the Applications tab in the menu and select the ones you prefer.

Optimize processes

When it’s time for the Board’s evaluation of the CEO, this sample form will be exactly what you need. It saves a lot of time and removes the risk of errors involved with manual data entry. What’s more, you will have instant access to the submitted evaluations, either via SMS or email. So start a paperless evaluation process today – just create a free 123FormBuilder account!

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