Customize template

With a really intuitive interface, our form builder allows you to create just the vehicle verification form you need. All you need to do is create an account with us and drag & drop form fields and options from the editor. For instance, you can remove unwanted statements or add more. At the same time, upload your logo and brand your form. While very simple to use, a line-up of advanced tools is also available. Specifically, you can leverage form rules to reveal certain form fields depending on previous selections. Of course, we rely on DIY principles – no need for a developer’s intervention in order to set up your form with a nice design and multiple configuration settings.

Publish template

Share this vehicle verification form with your inspectors’ team as soon as you’re done customizing it. It goes without saying it’s a no-brainer. In short, just grab the generated form URL and paste it on email, your intranet, a social media or messaging app group. Naturally, it’s mobile friendly, so the vehicle inspectors can fill the checklist on their tablets.

Collect & manage data

All data gathered during vehicle inspections lands directly in a secure data repository. Access it from our dashboard or export the data in various formats to analyze the reports on your device of choice. Get even more out of vehicle verification checklists by connecting form data with other file management apps. For this purpose, check out the Applications gallery available in the Settings section.

Optimize processes

Inspecting vehicles and validating checklists don’t have to be challenging tasks. To start, eliminate paper-based forms and switch to online. Building a complete and effective vehicle verification form will automate responses and permit key people to be alerted with every new checklist submitted.

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