Customize template

The 123FormBuilder enrollment verification form template is easy to customize for your needs so you can collect data such as name, date of birth, graduation date and more. Apply your own visual branding to the form, customize and validate form fields, choose where to send form submission data and more. Although our developers created the template for you in HTML code with CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, you don’t need any programming skills to have it up and running. Just sign up to 123FormBuilder (it’s free!), copy this enrollment verification form template to your account, customize as needed and publish. In fact, enrollment confirmations will be easier than ever!

Publish template

Our enrollment verification form example lets you choose what fields to include before you publish the form and open it up to submissions. Once you’ve added all the student and requestor information you need, such as the enrollment dates to verify, simply publish the form to your website. Only a copy and paste will do it. Or distribute it by email or social media. You don’t need coding skills to publish your custom template everywhere you need it to be.

Collect & manage data

When it comes to enrollment verification information, you’re in charge. Choose what data you want to collect and where you want to send it, such as an applicant tracking or CRM system. With this in mind, check out our multiple 3rd party systems integration options. It’s easy to check and manage the status of any enrollment verification data in the Submissions tab of the form within your account.

Optimize processes

Enrollment verification forms shouldn’t be an obstacle to your success. Streamline the process of confirming enrollment with an online form that helps collect the information you need in a timely manner. As a result, you will move forward quickly with enrollment, transfers, hiring and more. And you will receive real-time alerts in your inbox each time the form is completed. Once you master the simple online form, data collection will be automated. In short, you can finally focus on other areas of your operations.

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