Customize template

Build your very own concert evaluation form starting from this thorough sample. No need for coding, just leave the technical part to 123FormBuilder. Use the drag and drop editor to insert radio buttons, Likert scales, file uploads and more. What’s more, you can even customize the form’s look and feel as well as notify performers, managers and any other individuals upon each submission of the survey.

Publish template

This concert evaluation form fits harmoniously into just about any online setting you can imagine. For example, copy and paste to embed it into a web page or share in an email message, or post to social media sites with just a few clicks. Yes, it’s that easy! Publish with confidence knowing the form is easy to use on displays of all sizes, including smartphones, tablets, compact laptops, and large desktop monitors.

Collect & manage data

Store and organize all concert evaluation form submissions securely in the 123FormBuilder database. Simply visit the database in your dashboard, where you can generate useful graphs and charts or export to Excel, CSV or PDF for further processing. If you work in Dropbox or Google Drive, 123FormBuilder integrates with these and many more apps. This means you can have the form data wired right into the app without having to move it yourself.

Optimize processes

A concert evaluation form is a great way to keep a diary of observations of musical performances. Specifically, music students and experienced musicians can fill out the form on a smartphone between sets or at the end of the show, promptly recording their impressions while their memory is fresh. Unlike a paper form, a web form can be filled out in the darkest theater. Finally, form submissions can be sent instantly by email or text, if desired, or simply remain in the database to review on your own schedule.

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