Frequently Asked Questions

What should a product evaluation form include?

The Product Evaluation Form should include – but is not limited to: product details, product advantages & disadvantages, details about the manufacturer, details about the evaluation and the evaluator.

How do I write a product evaluation form?

When planning for a Product Evaluation Form, it’s important to have three steps in mind: (1) start with the market research, (2) have your target audience in mind, and (3) focus on figuring out the product criteria that will be your value proposition.

How do I customize a product evaluation form template?

Find out what your customers think about your products with an online product evaluation form that your employees can fill out within seconds. Take this ready-made form template into your 123FormBuilder account, and modify or add any element you want. For instance, Likert scale statements. Afterward, choose a nice form theme to make your product evaluation form a pleasant experience. Lastly, design your own Thank You page or an autoresponder for your audience.

How do I publish a a product evaluation form template?

Share your fresh product evaluation form anywhere on the web. With no other effort than a copy-paste, you can have your form permanently reside on your website or internal network. It’s equally easy to post your form URL in an email message, a chat or a social media page. Of course, this product evaluation form template has a mobile-responsive layout, so your employees can fill it out anywhere, anytime.

How to collect and manage data?

Your marketing team can analyze the feedback received directly in the 123FormBuilder dashboard. Naturally, all your data is secure in our database. The submissions can be downloaded as Excel, CSV or PDFs as well. With the help of visual reports, you can see the trends in product appreciation. And for better data management, sync your product evaluation form with Google Drive and many other web apps.

How to optimize processes?

Learn what people love about your product and what areas need further strategy rethinking. Ditch paper forms and let your product evaluation department use online forms that work even on small devices. With a friendly drag and drop editor, you can customize the product evaluation form in any way you want, receive secure submissions and analyze data with ease. Besides, you will receive SMS or email alerts each time an employee submits a product evaluation.

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