Customize template

Take your employee review process digital! All you need to get started is this staff evaluation form template. We’ve conceived this sample to be flexible, no coding skills needed. Simply drag and drop questions in any data format — radio buttons, checkboxes, Likert scales. Instantly distribute the results to multiple email addresses with customizable notifications and autoresponders.

Publish template

Your 123FormBuilder staff evaluation form works just about anywhere online. For instance, embed it into a web page, send by email, post on social media. naturally, the employee review is ready to begin as fast as you can copy and paste. Jetsetters rejoice, the mobile responsive design allows your employees to fill it out on the road, from smartphones and tablets.

Collect & manage data

As employee reviews are submitted via this staff evaluation form, records are saved in 123FormBuilder’s secure database. You can easily manage the data through an intuitive dashboard setup, which offers the capability to generate analytics or export to Excel, CSV, and PDF. And like a real team player, your form can integrate with other services, which means you can feed the data straight into your cloud services without going through an import.

Optimize processes

Set up a web-based staff evaluation form and go one giant step in the direction of paperless. Need to update the evaluation criteria from year to year? Not an issue! Online, everyone always has the current edition of the employee review form. Furthermore, whereas paper risks landing in the wrong hands, online employee reviews are kept truly confidential in a secure 123FormBuilder database, shared only with the designated employees and supervisors via notifications you control.

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