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5 Payment Options to Collect Money Directly in Your Salesforce Forms

People love the convenience of online payments. Why wouldn’t they? It’s easy, fast, and secure. But businesses love it even more, especially if they can tie it in with their already existing digital tools.

Making payments easy, secure, obvious

Companies that already use 123FormBuilder’s Salesforce forms recognize the benefits of having their data travel seamlessly from one app to another, being pulled and pushed into Salesforce without any human interference. 

And while this is a well-known major win for data collection, it’s even better news for payment collection.

Whether you collect donations, registration fees, or payments for your products & services, there are a bunch of payment gateways that you can plug right into your online Salesforce forms. Surely you have crossed paths with PayPal, Stripe, or one way or another. Your customer doesn’t need to jump to another platform to complete the purchase, and you don’t have to hand-pick data from multiple sources to have a complete overview of the customer’s data.

We hang out with some of the biggest and most trustworthy online payment gateways globally. Here is our list of top five payment providers you can use to collect money directly in your Salesforce forms

1. Stripe

Stripe is a payment processor active in over 40 countries that allows businesses to accept payments and transfer funds in 135+ currencies. It’s known for being easy to set up, allowing recurring payments, robust security (e.g., PCI compliance, SSL encryption), and extensive customization of the checkout process.

While you’ll often hear that Stripe is intended for developers, the integration with 123FormBuilder requires absolutely no coding skills. Learn more about 123FormBuilder’s integration with Stripe.

2. PayPal

PayPal is one of the first payment providers on the market. It’s available in more than 200 countries & regions, supporting 25 currencies. PayPal allows customers to perform tons of financial transactions, such as collecting and sending payments, creating online invoices, or scheduling payments. PayPal claims that 69% of users gain a better sense of security when they shop at a merchant that accepts PayPal. 

123FormBuilder has multiple PayPal integrations, covering PayPal Standard/Business, PayPal Pro, and PayPal Express Checkout. Check out more details about our integration with PayPal.

3. Square

Square made its market entrance as an in-store service provider with a magnetic credit card reader, expanding into developing POS systems and later supporting online payments. It is renowned for its ease of use without any coding involved, great business integration tools, marketing and loyalty programs, and the possibility to build an online presence. Square is available in 8 countries worldwide and doesn’t allow financial transactions in multiple currencies.

It takes less than 10 seconds to integrate 123FormBuilder with Square. See here the complete list of benefits of our integration with Square

4. (now a subsidiary of Visa) is a payment gateway with 445k+ customers that use the platform to accept online payments, set up billing subscriptions, and secure their financial transactions. The payment gateway operates in the UK, the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia and supports 3 currencies. is PCI compliant and has a powerful fraud detection system in place, which might prolong the sign-up process – all for a good cause.

Building secure order forms to accept donations easily, payments and fees is really a no-brainer through 123FormBuilder’s integration with

5. Braintree

Braintree is a PayPal-owned global payment solution that allows customers worldwide to process payments through credit & debit cards, Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and of course, PayPal. The payment technology platform supports 130 currencies and serves businesses in 45+ countries. Braintree is appreciated for the multiple payment methods, the global reach, reporting capabilities, and recurring billing. 

123FormBuilder’s integration with Braintree might help you reach more customers worldwide and handle pretty much any payment.

Customize how you receive payments in your Salesforce Forms

These payment providers have great features and coverage, so it might be hard to choose. But, depending on your business, you might not even have to. You can actually make them all available to your customers when you build your online order form

Integrating with 5+ payment providers? Yes, it’s possible. We’ll show you why it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Jump to this step-by-step guide on 123FormBuilder and Stripe integrations. You’ll notice that it takes 4 easy steps to set it up, including testing payments in a Salesforce Sandbox.

After connecting your Salesforce forms to an online payment provider, you can customize your order form to make payment collection straightforward and efficient. Here’s what you can do:

✓ Allow users to pay via credit card or their PayPal account.

✓ Have multiple payment gateways on the same form. Give your customers options.

✓ Create forms that accept one-time payments or recurring payments.

✓ Set a fixed price per form, set different prices per option, make calculations using formulas or allow form users to enter the desired amount (for donations).

✓ Add discounts using coupon codes or add taxes (per item or per total). 

✓ Specific to Salesforce: you can choose when to create records in Salesforce, before or after the payment is complete.

And now that you saw the honey pot, we might as well let you taste the honey. This is what a Salesforce donation form looks like when you build it in 123FormBuilder. 

Simple, efficient, powerful.

123FormBuilder Collecting Donations - Step 3 and 4

Want to give it a try?

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