Coupon Codes

If you want to offer price discounts, you can create coupon codes and assign them to your order forms.

Under the Summary and Discounts section, click on the button Coupon Codes (bottom-right) to create a new discount code. Press Add new coupon code to open the customization lightbox.

You can create as many coupons as you want and you can use multiple codes for the same discount. Let’s see how to do this.

Click on Add new coupon. Type in the code that will later be shared with buyers, specify the discount associated to it and mention what this discount represents.

The discount can be percentual or can consist in a fixed amount. In the latter case, the currency will be the one set in the Payment Processors subsection.

You can use multiple codes for the same coupon. To do this, type all of the codes that you want in the first box, separated by commas.

After you’ve created a new coupon code, you will also need to assign it to the form. Tick the coupon checkbox and press Assign selected coupons to this form.

Apply Discount - Add Coupon Code

If you want certain coupon codes not to be assigned to the form anymore, remove them from the list named Active coupons on your form. If you want to completely delete certain coupon codes from your account, then delete them from the list entitled Available coupon codes. Keep in mind that, if you do this, the coupons won’t be available for any of your forms anymore.

So, how will the form behave after you enable the Coupon Codes feature? Right above the Purchase button, a box labeled Coupon Code will show up. Users will fill out the form and will select their chosen products / services normally. But, depending on the coupon code that they enter in this box, they will have a certain sum deducted from the price. This discount will appear in the calculations shown to the user.

If you want to change the label of the coupon field from Coupon Code to something else, go to SettingsTranslations and create a new translation in which you replace Coupon Code with your preferred message.

You can customize the label and input box of the coupon code field from your order form with some CSS codding in the custom CSS lightbox from the Show Theme Options section of your form. Simply click on the use custom CSS link to style the field. Use #coupcode in the CSS code to customize the label and #id123-couponcode to customize the coupon code box.

Here’s an example:

#id123-couponcode {box-shadow: 10px 10px 5px #888888; 
font-size: 25px; 

#coupcode {font-size:24px !important;}


  1. ng han wei says:

    Hi 123contact

    We planning to have some marketing campaigns and we would need alot of coupon codes. Is there a easy way to create bulk coupons and assign them to a specific email?

  2. TRC says:

    Is it possible to create a maximum number of uses for a coupon code i.e. first 10 subscribers get 10% off, and once the coupon code has been used 10 times it no longer works? Thank you for your help

  3. Rathan Moorthy says:

    Would like the discount code applied to a pre-tax amount. Can you please advise if this is possible.

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