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Can form users complete payments only if their submissions are approved?

Yes, you can add the option to charge your form users only when their submissions have been approved. For what is it good for?… Read more

Can I display the payment summary in real-time?

Yes, you can display the payment summary of your online order form in real-time. This means your form users will no longer need to… Read more

Can form users edit submissions after payment?

Using payments on your form is not compatible with the Allow respondents to edit delivered submissions at a later time option from the Settings… Read more

Form Calculations

With the 123FormBuilder online form builder you can perform calculations on your web forms & surveys. Use form calculations to add mathematical operations between… Read more

Step by step guide on FreshBooks integration

Use the 123FormBuilder - FreshBooks integration to create invoices or estimates in your FreshBooks account upon form submissions. It's required that you associate form… Read more

PayPal payment gateway information

If you choose to use the 123FormBuilder - Paypal payment gateway integration, make sure PayPal is the solution best suited to your business by… Read more

How to use sandbox for testing payment processors?

To test your PayPal integration with 123FormBuilder, you'll need a sandbox account on PayPal. If you do not have one, go to to… Read more

How to create a complex order form?

Creating a complex online order form with payment integration may be a bit tricky at first. Case scenario: You've taken a look over our… Read more

Summary and Discounts

Use the Summary and Discounts section to add items to the payment summary of your order form, multiple your items with a Quantity, add… Read more

The submission set to be delivered after payment does not arrive. Why?

Sometimes, in PayPal order forms, when the option Deliver only after payment is checked in Settings → Payments → Notifications, the submission does not… Read more

Can I create PayPal donation forms?

Yes. When you use the PayPal form integration on 123FormBuilder for your online donation form, make sure to tick the option Payment represents a… Read more

How can I charge a recurring monthly subscription fee?

In your Settings → Payments section, in the Payment Processors subsection, add the payment gateway you want to use and tick the option Use… Read more