May 26, 2014

How many API calls can I use?

API calls are operations performed when another service communicates with ours. For example, if you use Zapier, each time the two apps in a zap are […]
May 26, 2014

What is the API key and when do I need it?

Note: If you find certain limitations to the API key, please contact us. The API key is a secret token that is used to identify the […]
October 2, 2013

123FormBuilder API – API Responses

At some point, while using our API, you may fail to access the data from your 123FormBuilder account. It’s best that you understand from the very […]
February 20, 2013

123FormBuilder API – PHP Script Example

This script performs the following steps: Step 1: retrieves all forms in the given account (determined by the API key) Step 2: determines the first form […]
February 18, 2013

123FormBuilder API – POST Webhook

The POST Webhook API page is useful in integrating a form with an external application. More precisely, the form submission is the “trigger” and the webhook […]
February 13, 2013

123FormBuilder API – Retrieve Submissions Count

The Retrieve Submissions Count API page has the simplest output: an XML document with a root element containing a numeric value. Page URL:{form-id-here}/submissions/count.{xml|json}
February 13, 2013

123FormBuilder API – Retrieve Submissions

The Retrieve Submissions action is a little more complex than the others. It returns details about the submissions of a certain form. Page URL:{form-id-here}/submissions.{xml|json} The […]
February 13, 2013

123FormBuilder API – Retrieve Fields

The Retrieve Fields API page outputs information about the fields of a certain form. Page URL:{form-id-here}/fields.{xml|json} The XML output contains as the root element, with […]
February 13, 2013

123FormBuilder API – Retrieve Forms

The Retrieve Forms API page retrieves details on any form that belongs to the current user. The user is determined by the apiKey parameter. Page URL […]
February 13, 2013

123FormBuilder API

The 123FormBuilder API is built mainly for programmers who want to retrieve data from their account and, implicitly, from their forms. Note: If you find limitations […]
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