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How to export form submissions to excel?

With 123FormBuilder you can manage your submissions as you see fit in the Submissions section and export them to CSV or Excel (.xlsx format).… Read more

Can I save the column width in the Submissions table?

Yes, you can. Go to the Submissions section of your form and use the mouse to resize the table columns as you need. Hover… Read more

How to resend multiple submissions at the same time?

Go to the Submissions section of your form and select the submissions you want to resend by ticking the checkboxes on the left. You'll… Read more

I cannot download CSV file on Safari. What to do?

If you cannot download CSV archives on Safari, namely you cannot download your form submissions in CSV at all, you'll need to tweak your… Read more

How to print digital signatures from a single submission?

To be able to print digital signatures from a submission, you'll need to add a print button to your form and enable the browser… Read more

Does 123FormBuilder provide ready-to-go login systems?

We are a form & survey building service used for data collection and we do not offer a feature for creating login systems. However,… Read more

Fixing CSV export in Microsoft Excel

There have been some problems reported when trying to open exported CSV files in Microsoft Excel. The submissions wouldn't appear as tabular textual data.… Read more

How to edit form submissions?

If you want to make edits to form submissions, you can do so in the Submissions section, where all the messages received through your… Read more

How can I specify delimiters to use in Excel 2003?

To specify the delimiter to use for your CSV export in Excel 2003, open Excel, go to Data → Import External Data → Import… Read more

Why do I receive the options that were not selected in the multiple choice field?

By default, the submission email contains all the options from the multiple choice field, with a Yes or a No next to them, according… Read more

I get an error when I open the CSV file. Why?

This happens when you access the download link from a different browser than the one in which you are logged in to you 123FormBuilder… Read more

The CSV file containing form submissions is not displayed on columns. Why?

If your submissions archive is not displayed correctly when you export the CSV file and open it, convert the .csv file to .xls. Open… Read more