How to limit the number of guests at an event?

When you want to limit the number of submissions the form can receive not by form entries, but by the number of registered participants (which can be greater than the number of submissions), drag a Number field in the mainview of your Form Editor. Click on it to open its Edit Field panel on the left side of the page.

Maximum value

Tick the checkbox Limit submissions total value. Two new boxes will show up: Current total value and Limit submissions total value. Current total value will be updated with every form submission. You don’t need to change anything about it, not now, not ever. In the Limit submissions total value box, type the maximum number of seats available at the event. (Of course, this feature can be used for other purposes, as well.)

The participants limitation is now set up. In addition, make sure that form users will type in this field the total number of people they are registering through the form. To do this, use the Field Label and Instructions, that can be adjusted in the Edit Field panel as well. Have the label say How many people do you want to register for the event? and the instructions This is the total number of participants, that includes yourself.

With this feature enabled, a line of instructions will show up anyway, indicating the maximum accepted value; in other words, the number of seats left. This line can be changed in SettingsTranslations.

Number of participants

When the maximum number of participants is reached, form users will not be able to add new attendees to the event.


  1. Debbie B says:

    What if I need to limit the number of people by time? Example i have 3 times available and i have space for 25 people at each time?

    • vlad says:

      Hello Debbie.

      You can limit the number of times an option is selected form the More… section of the field used to book the available. This way the users will no longer be able to select a time slot after the limit is reached. However, you will need to manually reset the limit daily.

      For any further information, please contact our Support team at or via our contact form.


  2. Katherine says:

    If you can allow multiple registrants on one form, how do you deal with names. Must I add additional name fields, is there a way to enable multiple name (or other fields) to pop up based on the answer to this question?

    • vlad says:

      Hello Katherine.

      Yes, in this case you would need to add a field for each additional registrant. Then you can display Name fields progressively based on the users choice, by setting up rules. This can be done form the Settings -> Rules -> Field Rules section.

      For any further assistance, make sure to contact our Support team at or or via our contact form.


  3. anu grace says:

    Is this all available on the basic plan?

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