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I cannot download CSV file on Safari. What to do?

If you cannot download CSV archives on Safari, namely you cannot download your form submissions in CSV at all, you’ll need to tweak your browser a bit. To download CSV file on Safari, follow these easy steps below:

1. In Safari, go to SettingsPreferences and click on the Privacy tab.

download CSV archives ></p>
<p>2. By default, Safari is set to block third parties and advertisers, so you’ll need to check the last options from <strong>Block cookies</strong>, which is <strong>Never</strong>. Next, under <strong>Limit website access to location services</strong>, check the <strong>Deny without prompting</strong> option.</p>
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<p>After you have applied these changes, you will be able to download your form submissions in CSV from now on. If you require further assistance, <a class=contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

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