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Can I get the percentage of correct answers in a quiz-type survey?

Yes. You can create a quiz-type survey with the 123FormBuilder free online survey builder and receive the percentage of correct answers at every survey… Read more

How to limit the number of guests at an event?

When you want to limit the number of submissions the form can receive not by form entries, but by the number of registered participants… Read more

How to limit the total number of submissions the form can receive?

You can limit the number of submissions a form can receive in your Settings → Security section. Tick the option Limit the total number… Read more

I get broken characters in my CSV file. How to fix them?

If characters are broken in your CSV file when you export submissions, open the file with Notepad++ and, in the top menu, click on… Read more

How to print form submissions?

If you want to print a single submission from your form, go to your Submissions section, click on the respective submission within the table… Read more

Do you store the messages that I receive?

We store the messages that you receive only if you want us to. We will never read your messages, as you have already found… Read more

How to export all of my submissions to CSV?

In the Submissions section, click on Export to CSV (top right corner) to download the CSV file containing all form submissions.

What to do about my 100 submissions limit?

Basic plans give you access to 100 submissions per month. Once you upgrade, you will be able to receive and view more submissions, depending… Read more

How can I see my old form entries?

To see all of your submissions, go to My Forms, click on your form and then on the Submissions link. If you have accessed… Read more

Resend, print or export to CSV

To resend a submission entry to your email box, click on the submission and press Resend in the submission lightbox. You can also resend… Read more

How to customize view submissions

When some of the form fields are more relevant to you than others, you can choose which ones are displayed. Click on the arrow… Read more

View, filter and sort submissions

Submissions are listed in a table, one per row and with form fields as columns. To select a form submission entry, simply tick the… Read more