View, filter and sort submissions

Submissions are listed in a table, one per row and with form fields as columns. To select a form submission entry, simply tick the checkbox on the left. Use the first checkbox on the left side of the table header to select or deselect all submissions. Once a submission/entry is selected, two buttons will appear on the top left side of the table: Delete and Resend. Press the first button to delete the selected submissions or the second one to have them all resent at the same time.

123FormBuilder manage submissions

Hover over a submission and click it to open the submission lightbox that shows the content separately and from where you can resend, print, save as PDF, edit or delete that specific submission.

manage form submissions

To sort submissions by date, reference ID, country or IP, click on Advanced Search. You can filter submissions by keyword using the box at table top. Type in the word you’re looking for, choose the form field where the search should be made and press Enter on your keyboard. Only the submissions containing that word will then be listed in the table.

View, filter and sort submissions

On the bottom part of the table, you can also set the submissions table to display 10, 20, 50, 100 or 150 entries per page.


  1. Keyurbhai P Patel says:

    Hi There,

    I am building our community website. I am using this app to achieve following two goals
    1.) Event RSVP &
    2.) Community contact directory – through this feature community member can enter their name, contact no. & address, which will be stored in form submission table but i am having difficulties providing data back to the community users means how can community member can search/view other community members current contact no., address etc. Also, how can community member can change there address or contact no. in case of any changes.

    Looking forward to here from you.

    Keyur Patel

    • Manu says:

      Hi Patel!

      I’m afraid Submissions are private and only you can view them unless you decide to publish the information somewhere.

      A person who created a submission on your forms can change the information they entered if the option found in Form Settings –> Advanced, “Allow respondents to edit delivered submissions”, is checked.

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