Payment Processors

Merchant Setup

Here, you can select the payment processors that you will accept, among PayPal,, Sisow, SagePay, PayPal Pro, PayPal PayFlow, Stripe, PayU, Braintree, FreshBooks and PayFast.

Click on Payment Gateway, select a payment processor from the dropdown list, click on Add payment gateway and add your account credentials (username, password, API key, as requested). Don’t forget to enable the payment gateway on your form in the top-right corner of the box.

To accept payments via PayPal, you will need to enter your email address and your preferred language.

For integration, the requested data consists of your API Login ID, your Transaction Key and your MD5 Hash – all of this data is provided at the creation of your account.

Further, you can choose your desired currency and specify, if needed, the payment recurrence (daily, weekly, monthly etc.). Enable and use Sandbox to test the way your payment processes work.

Remember to tick the Enable payments for this form option after selecting the payment processors you want to include on your order form.


  1. Richard Pan says:

    Do you accept payment from the Heartland Payment Processor?? I know it’s not on list but I figured I’d ask.

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