How to use sandbox for testing payment processors?

123FormBuilder PayPal sandbox
  • To test your PayPal integration with 123FormBuilder, you’ll need a sandbox account on PayPal. If you do not have one, go to to create one. Type in your credentials of your sandbox account in the Payment Processors subsection and tick the Sandbox option on the bottom page. After you have saved your changes, you can start testing your order form by submitting the payment in sandbox. To test PayPal PayFlow or PayPal Pro you’ll need to use the same sandbox account with the required features attached to it.
123FormBuilder sandbox
  • To test your order form with as your payment gateway, you’ll need a sandbox account created at Use the information of your sandbox account to set up your integration in the PaymentsPayment Processors section of your form. Enable payments in sandbox and start simulating a transaction.

123FormBuilder Sisow Sandbox
  • Sisow has a sandbox system included in the merchant account for testing purposes, so whenever you enable the sandbox option from 123FormBuilder, you’ll be able to test the payment procedure of your order form. Note: The only payment methods you can test are: iDEAL, WebShop GiftCard and Podium Cadeaukaart.

123FormBuilder SagePay Sandbox
  • Sage Pay translates sandbox as simulator. At you can create your Sage Pay simulator account. Once you have a simulator account, enter its information in the Payment Processors of your 123FormBuilder account. Enable payments in sandbox mode in the Payments section of your form and you are done. You can start testing your 123FormBuilder – Sage Pay payment processor and simulate a transaction.

123FormBuilder Braintree Sandbox
  • To test your 123FormBuilder – Braintree integration, you’ll need to create a sandbox account in Braintree (if you do not have one already). Go to to obtain a sandbox account. In 123FormBuilder, enter the credentials of your sandbox account from Braintree in the Payment Processors subsection of your form. Enable the sandbox on the bottom page and save your changes. From now on, each payment will be submitted in sandbox mode.

Payment gateways that include the sandbox mode for merchant accounts are:

123FormBuilder Stripe Sandbox123FormBuilder Sandbox123FormBuilder PayFast Sandbox123FormBuilder Sisow Sandbox

Olivian Stoica
Olivian Stoica
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  1. It is not working for myself too! I created a Paypal sandbox account and filled the form with this details. When I hit Save, the payment form is NOT saving at all. The payment type I chose and set up reverts back to ‘Disable’.

    • vlad says:

      Hello Ella,

      Besides adding the Email address of your PayPal sandbox account, you need to enable the testing mode option found below the payment processors.

      This way, the form will know to process test payments instead of real ones.

      If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Support team at, or, via our contact form.


  2. Roz Barnes Fowler says:

    PayPal sandbox link does not work. I have tried to use it multiple times and it will not recognize my account using the link provided above.
    Thank you!

    • Hello Roz!

      To use PayPal in sandbox, you’ll need a sandbox account from PayPal, which is different from your standard account. Next, go to the SettingsPayments section of your form, type in the credentials of your PayPal sandbox account in the PayPal gateway box and tick the option Enable testing mode (no live payments), under Sandbox options.

      For further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at or via our contact form.


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